Sunday, January 17, 2016

PRAYER: Grant Me This Favor, Lord!

Father,  I May Not In Work Perspire
At The Very Least
I Can A Brother Sister Gently Inspire!

Father, I Do Not With The Devil Conspire
To By Lie and Innuendo
Light Hell's Raging Fire!

By Your Grace, Lord
I Will Not Be Crass
Behaving Like 
Greedy Dishonorable Balaam
Needing Stark Admonition 
From The Talking Ass!

So, Father, If You Will Make It Possible
Grant Me This Favor, Please!
Let Me 
In This Fallen World's 
Gotta Have It Sweepstakes
Make No Showing
and, Thus
Come In Dead Last
The Despised Last Class!

Thank You, Lord
For Your Everlasting Mercy!