Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PRAYER: Lord, I Give You My Praise!

My Lord!
My God!
You Have Not Forsaken Me!
You Are Always Near To Help Me!
You Open These Eyes 
At The Break Of The Morning!
You Close These Eyes In Rest 
At The Closing Of The Day!
You Provide The Grain 
With Which I Make My Bread!
You Provide The Shelter 
Where'er I Lay My Head!
You Send The Water
To Soothe My Parched Tongue!
You Send The Wind 
To Cool My Furrowed Brow!

I Walk, and I Eat!
I Rest Easy, and I Sleep
I Have Your Protection
Wherever I Place My Feet!

Lord, I Give You My Praise!
I Shall Pray To You 
Unto The End Of My Days!
I Will Honor You
Until The Glory Days Blaze
And, Then
Forever, and Always!
I Love You,  Lord!

Jehovah, Hallelujah!

The Lord Does Provide!