Monday, January 18, 2016

PRAYER: YOU, Lord, Are My God!

Oh, Lord,
Hear My Call!

Because Sinful Man Does Not Honor You, Lord
Does That Make You The Not-GOD?

Because Sinful Man Does Not Worship You, Lord
Does This Mean Believers Should Elevate The Fraud In Your Stead?

Because Sinful Man Does Not Praise You, Lord
Does This Mean You Are Not To Be Loved? -
Sin Would Have Us Believe Thus!

Today, I Have Decided
That You, Lord, Are My God
No Matter What Others May Say
For You Are Gentle
The Teacher - My Shepherd
Ever Showing Me The Right Way!

Help Me, Father - By Your Grace - 
To Walk Faithful and Ever True
In My Decision
Is Reciprocal Love
You Loved Me First
Even Before Earth's Creation and
Since The Earth-cleansing Flood!
Clean Me, Too!

Father, You Made Your Decision:
Bring The Sinning Children Home!
Father, I Am A Sinful Child
Often Doing Things I Don't Want To
And Not Doing The Things I Should
Today, Lord
I Choose -
Eyes Open 
Heart Yielded Up -
Nevermore To Roam!

So, Lord, If You Will Carry Me
I Will Let You, and
I - By Faith - Promise
To Head For Your Eternal Kingdom
To Spend My Promised Eternal Life
With Eternal You!
I Love You, Lord!
Have Mercy and Bless
In Jesus' Holy Name!