Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Remember Jacob's Ladder!

I went to the Great Event!
The Leaders were Forming Sides!
Some people went to The Ladder!
Some people went to The Rope of Divide!

Both Leaders were Charismatic but
One More So, it would seem!
Both had Something to Offer
Even if One did Look Somewhat Lean!

It was Then that I Noticed Something
The Side of The Ladder was Number Mean
The Side of The Rope was Abundant
All The Members There were
Sprankcious and Clean!

I was on The Side of The Ladder
And, boy, The Battle was Work!
Climbing That Ladder was not Easy
The Leader was Always Alert!

Numerous were the Members of the Rope Club
Swing Here!
Fly There!
Run About!
And Oft could Be Heard The Loud Cry
Some Falling Soul went "Thump!"

Thump, thump, thump!
Thump, Thump, Thump!
The Cacophony was Nigh on Horrendous
BUT ...
That Leader Looked Unmoved by The Fuss!

Well, I was Right Glad
For My Leader
Leading Me The Way Up To Heaven!
His Words To All Members of Team Glory

"Climb Me!"

"I Live By My Word!"

"I Am The Ladder Leading To Heaven

I Am Bridging The Divide
I Am The Maker - The Master
On Me - You Will Never Slide and Die!"

"My Support For You Is Eternal!

My Help To You Is Life Grand!
My Hand Holding You Is The Rock of Ages
I AM The Son of Man - Fully God Fully Man!"

"Those Ropers Will Try to Trip You

Fall on You
Corrupt You


Stand Firm and True
In My Word!

My Care Cannot Be Eliminated
For I Am Here
For You I Dearly Care!"

"I Am The Way

The Truth and
Your Life - Trust Me!
I Am The Healer of
Your Head!
I Am The Soother of
Your Heart Burdened
For You - I Once Was Laid Out
Quite Dead!"

"No One Can Snatch You From Me!

You Are Mine! - Paid for With My Blood!
I Am The Only Way To Heaven
Climb Me! - Remember Jacob!
He Understood!"

On The Highway To Heaven

Believers Climb Jesus Christ - The Ladder

To Reach 

Almighty God's Graceful Throne!