Saturday, January 30, 2016

What's Your Point?! + PRAYER: Lord, Make Me A Willing Servant!

What Point Beauty
If There Is No Heart In It?

What Point Duty
If No Willing Hand Is In It?

What Point Praise
If There Is No Worship In It?

What For The Beautiful Prayer
If No Adoring Love Is In It?

Grant Me A Beautiful Heart
Filled With Love
That Worships The Holy God
Of Heaven Above!

Grant Me The Hand
That Lifts Up Humble Heartfelt Praise
Willing To Serve You
To The End 
Of My Days!

Take From Me Duty 
Held Without Love In A Fitted Glove
Let My Prayers 
Be Filled With Adoration
For The Creator 
The God Of Love
Make Me A Willing Servant
To Serve 
In Your Courts
Held Together 
By Your Eternal Love!

I Love You, Lord!
Bless and Keep
In Jesus' Holy Name!