Thursday, January 21, 2016

WORLD IN A HURRY: Blessings!

World In A Hurry!
World In A Whirl!
Grab Yourself A Blessing
Before Your Stomach You Hurl!

Blessings Bought!
Blessings Bartered!
Blessings Hot!
Blessings Sold!
Blessings!  - Not!!

Blessings and Bounties!
Expeditious Blessing Pickup!
Blessings On The Fly!
Blessings One Need Big Dollars To Esspy!
Blessings Refused!
Blessings Based On The Great Lie!
Blessings Deferred!
Blessings Denied!
Blessings Unwanted!
Blessing Decried!

I Entered The World Division Of Blessing
And, Immediately, My Head Was Turned
In This Ginormous Division
There Were Blessings To Match Every Curse
Pocket, and Purse!

Blessings of Peace!
Blessings on The Knees!
Blessings on The Chair!
Blessings in The Air!
Blessings to Counter Fear!
Blessings in Pairs!
Blessings Multiplied!
Blessings Unspecified!
Blessings Even Though Truth Is Butterflied!
Blessings Even As One Cried!
Blessings After Hope Died!
Blessings As You Pray!
Blessings As You Care!
Blessings As You Dare!
Blessings At The End Of The Rope!
Blessings To Help One With Life Cope!

AND,  THEN ...

In A Little Alcove
Plainly Lit 
Stands One Attendant
With Woolly Hair! -
The Lion With The Heart Of
The Sacrificed Lamb!

His Display Is Simple
And, Oh, So Humble
You Could Fit His Offered Blessing
In The Child's Play Thimble!

I Was Drawn
For There Was No One There Picking Up Buying!
He Seemed So Lonely!
I Was Touched!

He Called Me To Him!
I Answered!
He Introduced Himself
Then His Holey Hands I Touched!

We Talked
About All The Blessings
In The World Division Of Blessing Offered!
I Wondered Aloud
Why He Was Not Bustling
Like All The Rest!
He Sighed
So,  So,  Sadly
And He Told Me
That Everybody Wanted 
The Quick-Fix Blessing
The Convenient Blessing
Not The Blessings Real
Through Sin Confessed!
Nobody Wanted The Blessing Holy
Nor The Blessing Blessed!

He Told Me A Story That Hurt Me
About Blessings Asked For
Not Received
People Could Not Be Bothered
To Immediately Be Bestirred
To Grab Hold Of The Blessing
Sought After
Un-utilized As
We Were Too Busy With Life
To Take The Moment
To Pick Up What Was Ours
Awaiting Our Signature
At The Acceptance Wherever You Are In Life: STOP!

This Statement
Made Me Think Of The Western Union Advertisement!
The Ad For "Money In Minutes!"
That One Often Sees
And I Though Of
Someone Sending Money
To Family and Friends In Distress
And The Recipient
Being Otherwise Too Fully Occupied
With Living Life To Pick It Up
And Say:

"Thanks For The Blessing!
You Saved Me!
My Heart Is Well Pleased!"

Tears Fell From My Eyes For
I,  Too,  Was Guilty
Concerning The Blessings Meant For Me!
I Could Buy One Blessing
On Demand
On Command
From The Whirling World Stand
I Could Accept
With Alacrity
The Best Blessing
All In One Package
Just By Saying:

"Jesus Loves Me
So,  Lord, I Bow
In Worship
Forever Before Thee!
Bless, Father!
Bless Thou Me
For My Soul Avidly
Seeks Longingly
After Thee!"


Seek After Earthly Blessings
End Up With The False God!


Seek After The True and Living  God
Receive Real and Eternal Blessings!


Let's Take Our Correction


Change Our Direction!!