Friday, March 18, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + The Collision: When Lies Met Truth! + PRAYER: I'm Still True To Holy You!

River Tom
Said To Miss Kitty True:

"Come Into My Den!
Let Me Play A Little Game With You!
I Am Bold!
I Am Virile!
I've Killed A Dead Mouse Or Two
And I Want To Make
Sweet Music 
Sweeeet Music With You!"

"See Yonder Massive Spider
In That Small Shining Web
I Cuffed Him
And I Fluffed Him
And Now He IS Quite Dead
I Made Him An Example
Of My Prowess 
To Show You
That I Love You!
I Love You!
I Love You!
I Doooo!"

"As For That Listless Boa Constrictor
That's Been Aggressively Killing The Old Crone's Dead Cows
I Constricted His Constructor
And Now He IS Pulling My Plow!
I Did All That To Show You
That Though That Creator Maybe Had Been Bold
I, Yes, I
Devilish Darling That I AM
I Create The Music 
That I Use To Move 
Your Poor, Poor, Poor, Soul!

"Come Into My Parlor!
I Have Your Dinner All Prepared!
We Shall Share One Spoon
For I Made A Biting Consommé!
You Won't Need No Long Spoon
Our Dining, Darling, Issssss Intimate!
Leave A Message For Your Father!
Tell Him You Will Be Out Late! 
Verrrryy Late!"

"River Tom!
You Old Pole Cat!
From Me Get Away!
You're A Liar - The Very Devil!
You Should Say A Repentance Prayer!

"I Am Not One Gullible!
I Can See Right Through You!
You're Nothing But That Wicked Old Demon
Looking For Someone On Whom You Can Easily Chew!"

"Unlike You, I Trust My Father!
I Stand On His Every Word!
I Walk As One Humble
I'm Not Joining Your Herd
Of To Truth Misfits and 
Rejecters Of The Living Word
Who've Swallowed 
Your Wholesale Mixed-Nut Pack Of Lies
And Who Walk About Pointing 
'There Be Grey Aliens In Them Skies!'"

"Go Take Off Your Ever-changing Costume -
You Stopped Me Last Week
I'm Telling You Now 
As I Did Tell You Back Then:
Get Thee Behind Me!
Once-For-All Formerly-Dead Jesus 
Is Alive!
He's My God
He Ain't Dead!"

"Was-Dead Jesus Is Walking!
He's Walking On Full-Bodied Living Feet
He IS My Lover
He IS Gentle,  Kind,  Sweet
I've Given Him My Burdens
Bless Him!
I No Longer Walk With Hobbled Feet!

"With Regard To Your Dinner
You Can Forget About Me!
Your Goat Parts Are Fair Showing
You Are Starting To Bleat!"

"Your Lies Don't Amuse Me
They Are Really Quite Sad!
You Left All God's Glory
To Become Fashionably Evil and
Noticeably Bad!"

"You Can't Go Back Home
I'm Not Staying With You Here!
Enjoy Your Sorry Dinner
Your To-Die-For 
Decadent Chocolate Eclairs!"

"Covering Up In That Light Gown
Doesn't Change Out Who You Are!
Admit It!
You Are Satan!
My Father IS Going To Forever Cut The Power 
In Your Lying-Light Bar!"

"Hear Me Once And For All Times:
Your Time Left Is Really Quite Short!
You May Now Do Your Damnedest
Your Genie-Bottle Will Soon Have 
1,000-Year Cement In The Cork!"

"I Know You Will Appear Again
After All Of Your Failures Have Had Sweet Rest
You'll Come Up Against The Saints In Grand Zion
Your Going For Broke
Is Just Going To Get You 
By My God
Eternally Smoked!"

Father, I Am On My Way Home!
I Just Met The Head Of The Goat-Herd!
I Denied Him A Victory
Standing Firm On Your Word!

Oh, Father!
My Father!
I Love 
Trust You!
Thank You For The Many Blessings!
I'm Coming Home 
Still True 
Only Holy You!


Lusciously Darling Displays
Lofty Lissome* Loveliness
The Lilting Liberal Lord of Liedness
Are Still
But Gilded
Expensive Pretty Polish!

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