Friday, March 11, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + A Real Christian Knows ...!

The Unbelievers ...

Do Not Fear God!
They Have No Regard For Man!
They Are The Proud
The High
The Lofty
On The "Banana Skin" They Live and Stand!

Theirs Is A Life of Plenty!
Theirs Is A Life Of Seeming Ease
That Ease Is Predicated Upon
A Lying "God"
Who Reigns Runs Things On The Covetous Man Disease!

They Have No Love For Things Holy!
They Have Great Love For Things Profane!
They Play Lil' God
Create Panic
In The Hope of Elevating Their Lying Dying Not-God!

Each Is Elevated In His Own Eye!
Each Sets Rules For Others
To Ride Or Die By!
Each Is Afraid To Really Look At Himself Through The Living God's Eye
That IS Why They Seek Man-Made Immortality -
They Are Afraid To Die!

On The Other Hand ...

A Real Christian
Is Guided By His Master!
A Real Christian Is Gentle and Meek!
A Real Christian Has God
For His Shepherd
The Welfare Of Others He Seeks!

A Real Christian
Follows God
Because God Loves Him 
He Returns It!

A Real Christian Follows God -  Heaven Is The Only Way!
A Real Christians Knows
He Can't Help His Own Self
He Gives God The Right To Tell Him
How,  When,  Where,  Why
He Should
Walk,  Run
Sit or Stand -
He Is God's Servant
Is Ever Willing
At His God's Command!

That Real Christian Knows That
He Can Depend Upon His Master!
He Knows His Master Paid Plenty For His Life!
He Knows For A Fact
Were God Not Willing
He Would Have To Make Unserviceable Payment 
On His Own Bill Of Strife!

A Christian Often Walks By Himself
He IS Never Alone Lonely!
Those Others Are Ever Surrounded
They Are Very Alone Lonely!

They Need A Night Light for Light!
They Reinvent Themselves
To Stay Relevant

And,  Yet ...

Their Lives Are Far From Peacefully Enjoyable 
Or For That Matter 
Lovingly Livable
Are More Like Their Favorite Walking Dead!
They Know No Peace
When They Lie On Their Beds!

Oh, Christian
Let Us Thank God 
For Grace and Mercy!

Let Us Thank God 
For Truth, Right and Light!

Let Us Thank God 
For His Daily Blessings Upon Us
Our Hope For Tomorrow
The Peaceful Restful Sleep 
- Without Care -
On Our Beds
Each and Every Night!