Saturday, March 19, 2016


Too Many People 
Have The Misbegotten Idea 
That The Only Way
To Talk To God - Almighty God
Requires Them 
To Don A Cloth or
A Set Of Beads
Hold A Handkerchief
Be Anointed With Oil
Assume A Particular Position
Be In A Special Room 
At A Special Time 
Only On A Particular Day
In A Particular Position
Use A Specific Set Of Words
When Communing With The Living God
Who Is Touched By Our Griefs
And Who Had Been Tested Even As We Are Tested
But Who Did Not Sin
Who Said To Us:

"Pray Without Ceasing!" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

" ... But In All Things By Prayer and Supplication Make Your Requests Known ...!"
Philippians 4:6

"Call Unto Me ...!" Jeremiah 33:3

" ... Ask And It Shall Be Given You ...!"
Luke 11:9

"... Men Ought Always To Pray ...!"
Luke 18:1

"The Righteous Cry, And The Lord Heareth ...!"
Psalm 34:17

When I Consider:
Matthew 6:9-13 - The Lord's Prayer, and
Psalm 96:8 - "Give Unto The Lord The Glory Due Unto To His Name: Bring An Offering, And Come Into His Courts."

I Feel Safe In Writing The Following Prayer For It Fulfills The Lord's Requirements For Me To Appear Before Him, And To Appeal To Him, BECAUSE Nowhere In God's Word Am I Told:

"When You Come Before Me
Put On Your Best Go-To-Meeting Dress!
Set Your Face In Righteous Order
Be Careful Of The Words You To Me Address!"

"Be Careful Of Your Syntax!
Remember You Must Pass A Language Test!
Don't Behave Like I'm Your Best Friend
Fix All The Buttons On Your In-Prayer Vest!"

"Think Carefully About Your Words!
I Only Accept The Prayers Said Best!
Put Your Spirit In Order
I'm Not Here For Your Getting Things Off Your Chest!"

I'm God!
Remember My Station!
I Live High And Mighty Above You!
I Hear Your Words - They Don't Suit My Standard!
Go To The Back Of The Line!
I've Cancelled Your Grace
You Are Acting Absurd
You've Forgotten Your Assigned Designated Place!

A Thousand Times ...NO!!

God Accept Prayers From The Heart!
God Accepts The Prayers From The Broken And Contrite Heart!
God Accepts The Prayers From The Heart That Believes That He IS!
God Accepts The Prayers From The Heart That Honors, Loves And Trusts Him!
God Accepts The Prayers From The Heart That Calls Him ... HOME!
God Accepts The Prayers From The Heart That Worships Him As The Holy God, and
God Accepts The Prayers From His Children ... HIS FRIENDS!

So, With That Said:


The Day That Was Coming
Is Already Right Here
When Calling Upon Your Name
Causes Evil Men
To Act Like Post-Hibernation Bears!

By Your Grace
I Don't Fear Them
I Will Tell You True
Their Behavior Is So Rancid
I Would Hide
Were I Not Keeping My Eye Fixed Upon You!

You Promised
To Protect Me
And I Am Depending On You
For These Evil Men
Act Real Crazy
While They Play With Your People 
Like That Mouse-eating Fat Street Cat Called Lazy!

You Said To Fear Not
What Man Can Do To The Body
But To Fear You
Who Can Destroy Body and Soul In Hell
I Am Taking You At Your Word, Lord
And I'm Sharing The Old Story
That You Have Given Unto Me To Honestly Tell!

I Thank You, Lord
For Your Grace and Mercy
For The Hope For Heaven
And The Rejoicing Of The Saints
When We Arrive In Your Glory!

I Lay My Heart On Your Altar Today
And Pray, Dear Father
That You Will It Replace!
I Love You!
I Bless You!
I Honor You True
Please, Lord God Almighty
Help Me To Stick To The Truth
Found Only In Humbly Worshiping You!