Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Lord,  If You Will
Have Mercy On Me!
I am In Distress!
I Fear There Is No One Who Will Be Bless
And I Come To You
I Confess
For I Have No One Else!

Do You Have Faith?
Do You Believe I Can Heal?

You Are Just Making An Idle Appeal
To See If God Will In Pity
His Hand To You Reveal!

Lord,  I Have No Where To Turn!
My Family Is Gone!
All My Children Are Not Yet Born!
My Heart Is Forlorn
And I Feel Other Mothers' Scorn!
Lord,  Have Mercy!
Remove This Thorn!

Do You Really Believe That God Will Heal Bless You
Just As You Ask?!

Your Faith Will Fail You?

Father,  I Know That You Are Near!
Please, Use My Heart As Your Big Comfy Chair
If In Your Will
You Choose Not To Bless Me With My Request This Day
Lord,  Know That I Don't Doubt
That The Word Is Yours
And It's Truths I Will Continue To Shout!
Whatever You Do Today,  Lord
You Are My God
And My Faith In Your Blessed Word
Is Firm and Devout!

Lord,  I Know
Sometimes You Answer Yes!
Sometimes You Answer No!
Sometimes You Say Wait!
Lord,  I'm Faithful
I'm At Your Gate!

Lord,  You Promised Grace
Sufficient For The Day's Need
I'm Approaching Your Throne!
Do For Me Lord
What You Will, Please!
I Love You,  Lord!
I'm Leaning On You, Lord!
Come What May
I'm Depending On You, Lord!
My Faith Is At Your Feet.

Trust God ... No Matter What!
He Is The Beginning
He Is The End!
Anybody Who Says
Is Old Satan's Bosom Friend!