Thursday, December 8, 2016

ARGUMENTS: Concluding The Matter + PRAYER: Lord, Make Me Whole!

Stop It!
You Stop It!

You Are Deaf!
And Your Heart Is Blind!

What Did You Just Say?!

I Did Not Stutter!
I Plainly Said:
"Your Heart Is BLIND!!

How Can A Heart Be Blind?!?

A Heart Is Blind 
If It Can't See
The Revealed Heart That Loves It Best
It Refuses To Acknowledge 
The Voice
That Is Calling It Home To Safety
And Rest!

It Is Blind
When It Refuses To See The Truth
Trusting Instead
In Lusty Fables
Seeing Only Self-Portraits
That Lie
As It Writes
To Hell
It's A Letter To A Horse Stable!

There Is Really No Need
For You To Be So All-Fired Rude!

He Really Loves You!
Who Are You Talking About?!

He Gave You An Open Invitation
To Go And Live In His House!
Who ... What Are You Talking About?!

He Saved You Last Night!
Who ... Where Did You Hear That?!
Why Did He Do That?!
I Don't Understand Him!

I Thought You Didn't Know Who He Is?!
Well ...! Ah hmm ...!

He's Coming Back ...!
When?! Where?! Why?!

Oh, Never Mind!
It Doesn't Really Matter To You!
Forget I Said Anything ...!

No, I Can't!
I Feel Foolish!
I Am Confused!
So Many Differing Opinions
That Are For Or Against Him
And I Can't Seem To Choose!

I'm Tired Of Lying To Myself!
I'm Tired Of Doctrine This
And Doctrine That
Learned Opinion This
And Educated Opinion That!
I Need To Know The Real-Real Man ... God
For I'm Tired Of Two-Stepping
With Yonder Satan The Fraud!

Okay. Okay!
You've Stated The Problem
You've Named All The Parties Involved
Do You Know Who To Go To - And How -
To Receive Your Solution?
I Think So!

Will You Call Him By His Name?
I Believe So! Yes! I Will!

How Will You Approach Him?
Humbly. Respectfully. Prayerfully.
With Hope. In Faith. Utilizing Trust!

So Why Were We Arguing If You Know All This?!
Oooh! Forget That!

Okay! Soooo, When Will You Approach Him?
Maybe Later ... When I Get Home .. ! Or Tomorrow!
I Don't Knowwww!

How About Right Now?!
Right Now?!

He Is Here!
How Did He ...?!

Talk To Him!
He Loves You!
Tell Him The Truth!
He Will Take Care Of You!

NO, HE ... can't ...!
I Can't ...!
I Feel ... So ... Ashamed!

Come On!
You Can Do This!
Let Him Into Your Heart!
He Will Take Care Of The Rest!
Go Ahead ...!

Here Goes Nothing! ... Everything!
I Am Going To Do It!


Come Into My Heart, Lord Jesus!
Bless It And Make It Your Home!
Come Into My Heart, Lord Jesus
Depose Satan From His Stolen Throne!
I Am Tired - My Sins I Confess!
My Soul Is Sorrowing -
Satan In My Life Is A Constant Pest!
Please Heal Me, Lord, Of My Distress!
I Repent! I Repent!
Help Me, Oh God, Not Again To Relent!

My Youth, Oh, Lord
Has Been Truly Misspent
And Now
Like My Pocket
My Soul Is Out To Let!
Help Me, Lord!
Heal Me!
Guide Me!
Show Me The Right Way
With Your Promised Grace
Take Me To That Heavenly Place!

I Need To Be Whole!
Help Me To Walk Right
Into Your Sheep Fold!
Please Give Me Back
That Which That Wicken Satan Stole!

Fix Me, Lord Jesus!
Make Me, In You, Whole
For Out In The World
All I Felt Was Burdened
Draw Me Into Your Warmth
Remove The Chill From My Soul
For I Desire To Be Yours Only
Save My Soul, Lord!
Save My Soul!

Amen! Amen! Amen!