Saturday, December 3, 2016

From This Moment On ...! + PRAYER: I Cannot Live Like This ...! Lord, I Love You!

I Had In My Heart
A Little Jesus
I Had In My Heart
A Lot Of My Self!
There Was A Battling Raging
Each Desired The Other
To Take A Knee
On The Back Shelf!

I Often Talked A Walk
I Was Not Walking!
I Often Walked A Talk
About Which I Was Uncomfortable To Enthusiastically Speak
This Was Making My Life Uncomfortable
I Really Needed Heavenly Relief!


I Can Not Live Like This Any Longer!
Please, Do Something For Me!
Open My Eyes
My Ears
My Heart
My Head
Grant Me Understanding!
Lord, God Almighty
Please Grant Me Some Relief!

I Did Not Hear A Stern Voice Speaking!
I Did Not Even Hear A Soft Voice Whispering Inside My Head
With The Passage Of Time
I Noticed
That Past Pleasures Seemed Asinine
I Was More Toward Faithfulness
To God's Ways
Steadfastly Inclined!

Nonsense Made No Sense!
Defiance Was No Defense!
Recalcitrance Made Me Seem Dense
I Was Studiously Eager
To Get Off
The Waffler's Shaking Fence!

I No Longer Found Pleasure In Waywardness!
I No Longer Found Pleasure In Walking The Contrarian Way!
I No Longer Found Pleasure
In Arguing For Both Satan And God
Finally Recognized
That I Did Not At All Like Trying 
Against God
To Be In The Right!

Prayer Changed Things!
I No Longer Wanted With Jesus Christ
A Mere Fling!
I Wanted A Commitment!
I Wanted To Belong!
I Wanted To Be With The Lover Of My Soul
I Wanted The Relationship
To Be Permanently
Forever Long!
I Wanted Us!
I Wanted In Him To Never Grow Old!


I Love You!
You See 
My Heart
Better Than I Do!
Please, Won't You Take Me 
In Your Loving Hand
Be To Me
My All And All?

When I Ignore You
I Feel Scattered
Please, Hold Me
Enfold Me
Keep Me Close
To That Sacrificial Heart 
In Your Spear-Pierced Side
That Sin Cleft!

Forgive Me
For My Myriad Follies!
Forgive Me
For Giving In To My Lying Wants
Adjudged To Be My Needs
But Was Indeed My Gross Greed!

Forgive Me
For Doubting Your Living Holy Word!
Forgive Me
For From You Looking Away!
Forgive Me
For Giving Place To The Devil!
I Am Sorry, Lord!
Forgive Me!
I Beseech You, Please
Is My Penitent Heart's Humble Pray!

From This Moment On
Help Me
In You
To Be Strong!
Give Unto Me Music
For My Satisfied-With-Jesus Song
So That
In The Day A-coming
I May Joyously Sing 
With The Redeemed
In The Overcomer's Glorying Throng!

Thank You, Lord
For Hearing And Answering My Prayer
Presented In The Name Of My Lord
Jesus Christ The Righteous
In Whose Faith I Live
And Breathe!