Monday, December 12, 2016

How Curious?!

It All Started
Eden's Garden
A Question?
A Lie!
The Satan-Indwelt Serpent
Issued Forth
The First Lie:
Hath God Said ...?
Thou Shalt Not Surely Die!
AND ...
From Thence Until Now
Man Listens To Lies!
Man Loves Lies!
Man Tells Lies!
Man Kills!
Man Dies!

Almighty God Said:
Be Fruitful and Multiply!
Man Says:
Mother Earth Is Too Small!
Kill The Babies! - Let Them Die!
Don't You Dare Overburden Mother Earth
By Becoming A Fruit Fly!

Almighty God Said:
Thou Shalt Not Kill!
Man Says:
Euthanasia And Suicide
Are Not Problems!
Red Alert! Red Alert!
Pain In Neither Mind Nor Body Should Hurt!

We Are Commissioned To:
Worship And Bow Down
Before The Lord Our Maker!
Man Says:
I Am God!
Satan Laughs Loud And Long
He's Got Himself Another Taker!

It Is Required That:
All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name!
Hail Satan Is The Rebellious Ones' Choicest Refrain!

Almighty God Says:
Train Up A Child
In The Way He Should Go!
Man Says:
That Is A Gross No! No!
Discipline Is Abuse 
Of The Darling Child's Delicate Ego!

Almighty God Says:
To Obey Is Better Than To Sacrifice!
Man Says:
Obedience Is For Fools!
Do What Thou Wilt
Is A Strategic Tool!

Almighty God Says:
Be Not Wise In Thine Own Eyes!
Man Says:
Chart Your Own Course!
Be Wise! Devise!

The Holy Word Says:
Unjust Weights And Balances
Are An Abomination Before God!
Don't Move The Old Land Marks!
Theft And Robbery Are Bad Business!
Man Responds:
Says Who?!
We're Just Adding More
To The Money Tally List!

The Living Word Says:
Dig A Hole For Your Brother
Dig One For Yourself!
Man Says:
If His Feet Don't Have Eyes
He's A Fool!
I Know The Terrain!
Life's Cool!

The Living Word Says:
Wine Is A Mocker!
Strong Drink Is Raging!
He That Is Deceived Thereby Is Not Wise!
Man Says:
I Only Drink The Good Stuff!
Can't Get Enough!
Good Stuff!
Good Stuff!

Almighty God Says:
I Am The Lord!
I Change Not!
Man Says:
Times Change And People Change!
Relevance Is Elegance!

Almighty God Said:
Man Leave Your Father And Mother
And Cleave To Your Wife!
Man Says:
Pick Any Partner!
Make A Way! Any Way!
Sex Is Sex!
Don't Get Me Vexed Today!

The Living Word Says Of God:
Man And Woman
Created He Them!
Man Says:
Poor Old God Didn't Understand
The Prime Mistake He Was Making!

The Living Word Says:
In The Beginning God ...!
Man Says:
What God?!
Aliens Made Us To Evolve
In The Primordial Soup!
Stupse! Stupse!

The Living Word Says:
Repent And Be Baptised
For The Remission Of Your Sins!
Man Says:
What, Really, Is Sin?!
Your Sin Is My Salmon!
Sin's In The Eye Of The Beholder!
I Want What I Want!
S how
I nitiative When I Have A
N eed!

God Said ...!
Man Says ... Otherwise!

AND ...

By Our Folly
We Deny Truth
Him Who Is The Truth
Whole-Sale Swallow Satan's Lies!
We Refuse Right-Living Easy
To Live Devilish Hard
For This Reason
Many Will Receive
The Outcast's Red Card!

Yes ... The Lies 
In This Modern Day!
Truth Is Relative
Is Said To Be
The Only Way To Play
Almighty God Is Alive And Almighty
All Men Are Liars
Almighty God's Word Eternally Saves!

Wha' Sweet'n Goat Mout'
Does Bu'n 'e 'n 'e Bam-bam!


Living In Sin Is Like
Calling The Emergency Service
For An Ambulance
To Go Shopping
Getting Hauled Before The Judge
For Fakery And Law Breaking -
You WILL Pay!


Even In The Face
Of Rank Opposition
When You Know Right Do Right!