Sunday, December 4, 2016

Oh, Taste And See!

Oh, To Have A Penitent's Heart
Not As One Given To Self-Flagellation
Wearing The Mantle
Of The Living Faith Of Jesus Christ
Who Died To Expunge My Disgrace!

Oh, To Live The Life Of Faith
Not Given To Selfish Displays
Given To Walking Humbly Before God
With The Banner:

"Redeemed Of Jesus Christ!"

Upon My Believer's Hopeful Face!

Oh, For A Tongue
To Speak The Truth
Always With Compassion
While Loving The Sinner Who Once Was I
Treading Waters Deep
Headed Toward The Grave!

My Self Once Lost
Now In Christ Is Found
Striving For The Mastery!
Old Ways Are Eschewed
For Heaven Is In My View
For I
From Sin
Has Been Rescued!

Oh, Taste And See
That The Lord Is Good
Learn That The Devil Is A Liar
His End Will Come Like A Flood!

Trust In The Lord!
He Defends His Own!
His Throne Is Eternal
It Stands Majestic
He Is Waiting
In The Fullness Of Time
To Welcome The Beloved Saints 
To The Glorious Home!

I Tasted
I Saw
That God Is Good!
Now That I Know
I Daily Eat
And I Don't 
For Earthly Possessions Claw!


Will You Take A Taste?!