Tuesday, December 27, 2016

PRAYER : Father, Please Carry Us Safely Home!

I Come To You
For You Are The Holy God
Always Able
Always Available
Always Blessing!
Thank You, Lord!

I Come With A Burden
For Those Who Teach The Truth
Won't Walk In It!
Who Qualify The Truth
Stall Believer's Faith In It!
Who Preach Another Gospel
Another Jesus Christ -
A Jesus Made Of Wide Rainbows
Extruded From A Demonic Device!

You Said We Shall Know Men
By Their Own Works
So We Don't Have To Judge Falsely
For Their Own Words And Works Are Perverse!
I Pray For Them
That You Will Grant Them New Hearts
Made Not Of Stone
But Of Flesh
Molded By The Redeeming Savior
Who Will Issue Judgment
From The Great White Throne!

I Pray For Them
Eye Salve
From Heaven's Apothecary
So That Sight May Be Healed
So They Are No Longer By Self
By Satan

I Pray For Them
Unstopped No Longer Itching Ears!
Help Them, Lord
To Set Aside The Temporal
And Pick Up The Eternal -
Heal Their Backsliding!
Help Them To Squarely Face Their Fears
By Giving Them To The True God
Who For Their Soul Cares!

I Pray,  Lord
For Those Carnality's Purse
Those Who For Dollar Bill
Are Willing Your People To Curse!
Father, Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Incline Our Hearts To You!

I Pray, Lord
For Those Who Are Steadfast
Walking Grounded
In The Gospel Truth
I Ask You To Hold Up The Faithful
Help Us To Shine The Light
Of Christ's Love
Upon A World Faltering
In Deception's Dark Deceits!
Hold Us Up And Shield Us, Lord
For Devil-Inspired Wickedness
As We Share Christ's Faith
By Speaking The Unvarnished Truth -
Your Holy Words Of Life!
Rid Us Of Self - That Scourge Of Mankind
Help Us
For The Love Of The Lord Christ
To Leave Sin And Sinning
To Satan And His Kind!

Feed Us!
Lead Us!
Shelter Us In Heaven-Blessed Folds
Help Us Hold Fast To Our Desire
To Sing Praises
To Our Almighty God!
Carry Us Safely Home
In Jesus Christ's Name We Plead!
We Love You, Lord!