Monday, December 26, 2016

PRAYER: Father, Please Do Not Cast Me Away!

Oh, Lord,
Your Law Is Perfect -
Let It Convert My Soul
For I Desire
By Jesus Christ
In The Here And Now
And Then Forever
To Be Saved!

Your Testimony, Lord
Stands Sure
Unshakable -
Please Let It Make This Simple Soul Wise
Unto Salvation
Walking Wisely
Not Wildly
Holding To The Right
Not Emboldening The Wrong
So That I
In The Judgment
Won't Have To Suffer
Your Condemning Frown!

Your Statutes, Lord
I Know Are Right -
Let My Heart Be Humble
Let My Faith Rejoice
In Triumphant-Over-Sin's Song!
Help Me Not To Rewrite The Words Of Truth!
Help Me To Let The Holy Spirit
Lead Me
Guide Me
Teach Me
Chide Me
So That I Will See My King True
Before Long!

Your Commandment, Lord, Is Pure!
Please Enlighten These My Blind 
And Yet
Searching Eyes!
Let Me Ever See You
So That
Satan Can't Me With Impunity Assail!
Please Draw Away The Sin-set Separating Veil!
Please Help Me To You To Stand Close
Please Grant Unto Me Strength
For A Death Drip On Eternal Life
Denying The Liar A Strong Hold
The Minions A Knife!

To Fear You, Lord
Is Known To Be Clean
For It Is The Beginning Of Wisdom
Which Causes Me To Cast Off
The Unclean
The Vile
The Obscene!
Lift Me Up, Lord
To Do Thy Will Each Day
If I Do Stumble
From Thy Presence
Do Not Cast Me Way!

Your Judgments, Lord
Are Altogether Righteous And True!
Help Me, Therefore
To Walk Faithfully
In The Light
Before And Unto You
So That
The Encroaching Darkness
I Will Fight With Truth And Right
Denying Satan Any Opportunity
My Eternal Prosperity To Blight!

In The Day Of My Trial, Lord
Jesus The Christ
The Mediator
My Savior Divine
Is Pleading For Me My Case
So, Please
I Beseech You
Let Not This Servant
To Fables
Be Drawn Away In Disgrace
For Holding Forth Darkness For Light
Calling Bitter Sweet
Casting Truth Down
In The Street
Running After
The Devil's Falsely Sweet
Eternally Poisonous Treats!

Father, I Love You!
I Honor
Worship You
For You Are The God Who Loves Me
The God Who Is Ever Faithful
Ever Kind
Eternally Holy
Everlastingly True!
Please Lead Me Gently Home
I Desire To Live In Peace
With You!
In Jesus Christ's Name I Plead!