Thursday, December 1, 2016

PRAYER: I Desire Of You, Lord...!

Oh, Lord
I Come With A Thankful Heart
For The Myriad Blessings And Bounties
You Unstintingly Bestow
Being Glad To Know My Jesus
Pleading For Help
The Holy Way Never To Depart!

I Pray For Enough To Be Sufficient!
I Pray Not For Plenty To Be More!
I Desire Contented To Be My Spirit
I Pray For Continuing Guidance 
To Make It Through Your Front Door!

I Pray For Hands That Are Giving!
I Pray Not For Hands Always In Receipt!
I Pray For A Comforting Spirit
For The Spirit Of Willingness
Ever Ready To Help A Brother Sister In Need!

I Pray For The Spirit Of Discernment
To See And Accept The Plain Truth
To Detect And Deny The Petticoated Lie!
I Pray For A Heart That Is Loving
A Tongue Not Given To Uttering Fables
So That I Won't Have To Eat Crow And Humble Pie!

I Desire Of You, Lord, Your  Wisdom
And Pray For Understanding To Be Attached
And I Pray That The Knowledge 
That I Acquire
Is Williongly Used
To Bless Those With Whom I Come Into Contact!

In All Of My Praying
My Asking
I Pray To Ever Hear
That Beautifully Still Small Voice!
Please Quiet My Ears
Against The Clamor Of The World
And Help Me My Busyness To Still
So That My Soul
The Holy Spirit May Renew
And With Heavenly Good Things Fill!

I Pray, Lord, For The Blessing
That Will In The Day To Soon Dawn
Cause The Storming Warriors To Know 
Your Living Word Abides In Me
And Marks My Clear Path To Zion's Holy Hill!
Let Your Peace Envelop
And Hope For Surpassing Glory
My Longing Heart Fill!

Grant The Faithful
The Hopeful
The Heeding
The Obedient
The Promised Resources
Sufficient For Each Day
Strength For The Journey
Courage For The Way!
May Wisdom Walk With Us
And Goodness, Too
So That We May Be 
Ambassadors For Jesus Christ
Displaying Your Workmanship True!

Oh, For A Heart
To Please My God
A "Thus Saith The Lord!"
To Chase Away The Cruel Fraud!
Let Me Walk In Righteousness
Ready Willing And Able
Jesus Christ To Confess!

Let Me Be True
To Your Call On My Life
Ever Denying The Liar
As I Utter Words The World To Bless!
I Love You, Lord!
Please Accept My Prayer
In Jesus' Name I Plead And Stand,