Thursday, December 15, 2016

SALT!! + PRAYER: Father, Please Raise Us Up!

Used To Be
The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
S.A.L.T. ... To A Christ-Following Christian
Seeking After Light And Truth
That Stops Satan
The Machinations Of The Minions
Benefits And Blesses
Both Me And You!

Salvation Awaits!
The Lord's Truth I Speak!
Let No Man Or Devil Shortchange You!
Head For Glory
Gain Immortality
Eternal Youth!


Heyyy! How Are You?
Stomach Empty!
Bed Warm!
Eyes Cloudy!
Trusting God!
What About You?

Eating ... But Thirsty!
Walking And Waiting!
Looking For Light!
Suffered A Fright!

Wow! Do Tell!
You Sound Serious!

I Am Very Serious!
I Sat In The Congregation
Hoping ...

Do You Think That God
Would Encourage A Professed Christian
To Do Evil To Gain A Good?!

No! That Is Sinful!
God Cannot Sin
And By His Own Word
Be Still God!
God Does Not Operate That Way!
God Does Not Tempt Man!
It Is Man's Lusts
Which When Conceived
That Bring Sin!
...  And We Know Where THAT Leads!

You Ever Ate A Meal That Left You Really Thirsty?
Sure! If Too Much Salt Was In The Food!

The Last Sermon At Church Was Like That!

The Food Supposedly Coming From The Lord
Had Too Much Salt Of The Earth!
Only Problem Was
The Salt Had No Savor
And All It Was Good For
Was To Be Thrown To The Ground
And As A Result
Everybody Washing Out Their Mouths On God
On All The Christians
Willfully Sinning Or Not!

And, Now, I Am Thirsty
Really Thirsty ... For God!

I Won't Go Into The Nitty Gritty
But I Will Give You A Hint:

Inside The Head Of Man
Is A Brain Not Made Of Lead!
Below The Navel Of Man
Is A Little Brain
By Which Lust Is Fed
I Will Broadly Ask You This:

How IS It
That We Know When Others Commit Sexual Sin
But When The Pastor Has Got
A Girlfriend
A Boyfriend
Children And A Wife
Everybody Important Says
He's Misunderstood
And That Those Not Illuminated
Need To Get A Life!?

You're Kidding, Right?!
Wrong! So Very Wrong!

Don't They Know
That Judgment Begins
In The House Of God?
Don't They Understand
That Leading People Astray Is A Tenet Of The Fraud?!
Don't They Believe That What God Says He Will Do
He Will Do?!
Don't They Know That They Will Be Held Responsible
For Another's Soul
When They Know Of Sin
And Don't Warn A Brother Sister
Who Is Not Walking True?!

Ezekiel 14:21
Says God Has Four Big Sticks:
Noisome Beasts

Is Not Just For Food 
But Also For The Word
That Is Roundly Despised!
A Sword 
Can Cut You Down To Size
Or Take Your Life!
And There Are Noisome Beasts
Things That Are
Annoying, Unpleasant, Offensive, Harmful 
To Expose Your Life
Or To Take You And Your Life Apart!
Pestilence aka Dread Disease
To Menace
If Unstayed
To Even Destroy Your Life!

Those Big Sticks Are Progressive
They Do Worse And Worse
To Gain Our Attention
If We Do Not Humble
Or Refuse To Humble

We Should Know 
Not To Play With God!
We Can't Surprise Him!

We Should Know 
Not To Try To Tempt God!
We Can't Outwit Him!

We Need To Know 
That We Can't Deny God
For Our Defiance
Won't Deny Him His Authority Over Us!

AND ...

We Really Need To Accept That
We Can Really And Truly Walk Away From God
For The Final End Of A Man's Life's Journeys
Is In The Presence Of Almighty God!
Judgment Day Is There For Us All Waiting!

We Need To Recognize Our Need
For Jesus Christ The Lord

Amen! Amen! AMEN!


Lord, Pity Us
And Forgive Us
For Our Acts Of Folly
Have Mercy On Us
When We Are Then Caused To Walk
In Disgrace
When We Bow Our Heads In Supplication
As We Avidly Seek After You
To Take Shame From Our Face!

Please Raise Us Up 
So That We May Lift You Up!
Please Hold Our Hand
So That We May Firm On The Word Stand!
Please Take Us Under Your Sheltering Wings
When Satan Does
Hell's Flames Fan
Help Us To Honor
Faithfully Praise
Our Redeemer
The Living One Holy
The Risen Son Of Man!

Lord, Help Us
To Walk The Straight And Narrow Way
So That For Our Own Sins
We Don't Have To Eternally Pay!
In The Name Of Jesus Christ
The Only One Who Saves
We Humbly Plead 
And Also Say
We Love You, Lord!