Saturday, December 17, 2016

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: The God Of Order + PRAYER: Lord, Feed Us ...!

Almighty God Is The God Of Order!
Nothing In His House Is Out Of Place!
Nothing In God's House Is Broken
There's Nothing There 
That Needs To Be Replaced!

God's House Is Filled
With Splendiferous Mansions!
I've Never Seen One
I Accept The Word Of God
To Be The Living Truth!
I Believe That God Is My Father
That My Father Always Speaks
God's Immutable Words Of Truth!

God's Word Says
I Have No Excuse For Sin
Because God's Law Is Written
On The Tablet Of My Heart!
The Same Heart That Used To Be Quite Rotten
Through The Faith Of Christ Jesus
I've Asked The Holy Spirit
To Move Into
So That The Urge To Sin
Is Forced To Depart
I Shall Henceforth
With Cause
Ever Sing God's Praises
Like A Very Contented Lark!


Dear Father, Up In Heaven
You Who Hallow My Days
I Thank You
For My Call To Christian Duty
Proclaiming The Word Of The Gospel
Not To Go Around The World
Mind Games!

Teach Me Thy Ways, Dear Father!
Help Me To Walk Faithfully In Them 
Each And Every Day!
Help Me To Stand Up
So That I
As A Child
May Be Counted
Help Me Not From Hard Tasks
To Run Away!

Help Me
To Pray Always
To Love
With Real Care
Doing The Work Of Him
Who Has Sent Me
Not Doing Things Half Way!

Please Take Obscuring Beams
From My Eyes
Wash And Bridle My Tongue
So That I Will Refuse To Utter
The Convenient Lie
Which Would Cause Me
To The World's Way
With Alacrity
To Comply!

Bless Your People
Dear Lord, I Pray
To Do Your Bidding
With A Ready Heart!
May They As Good Ambassadors
On Great And Small Missions
Deliver True Messages
Of Love, Grace And Faith!
Help Them To Speak Truly
Of The Blessing
In Obedience To Your Will
Help Them To Hold Forth
With Compassion
The Need For Confession
To All Hearers!
Help Them To Get Through Even To Our Youth!

Lift Us Up, Lord
To Lift You Up
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
When We Mess Up!
Help Us To Swiftly Confess And Repent
Of Our Sins
So That You Will Erase Them
From Your Remembrance Book!

Lord, Help Us Not To Commit
The Presumptuous Sin
To Never Grieve The Holy Spirit Away!
Help Us Not To Truth Deny
Nor To Run After
The Devil's Pie In The Sky!
Help Us To Be Contented
No Matter The Manner We Live
So That
We May Eat Grass
And Still Grow Big
With Lovely Hearts That Willingly Give!

Feed Us, Dear Father
The Blessed Bread Of Life
Lead Us So That We May Avoid
Imbibing From
The Waters Of Strife!
Guide Us To The Promised Land
Teaching Us All The Way
So That We Will Have Right To The City
May Blessedly
Walk Through
Your Pearly Gates
On The Appointed Date!
We Love You, Lord!
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name
Have Mercy, And Bless!