Sunday, January 22, 2017

Great Questions For Good Christians + PRAYER: Open Our Hearts, Lord!

Since Jesus Christ Is God
And Jesus Christ Has His Father
For His God
Do We Not Need Jesus Christ
As Our God
To Get Jesus' Father God
As God Our Father?

Since Jesus Christ IS The Word
And The Word Is God
And God Sends The Holy Spirit
Do We Not Need Jesus Christ To Get The Holy Spirit?

Since The Holy Spirit Is The Comforter
And Jesus Christ Said
He Will Not Leave Us Comfortless
Do We Not Need Jesus Christ
To Get The Comfort Of The Comforter?

Almighty God IS The Father
And Jesus Christ Said:
I And The Father Are One!
No One Gets To The Father But By Me
And Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God
And You Get To The Father
By Going Through The Son
Do We Not Get God The Father
We Get God The Son?
Is Not Almighty God Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ IS The True Vine!
He Says That We Are The Branches!

Jesus Christ Gives To Every Man 
A Measure Of Faith.

Faith Is A Good Fruit!
Man Must Stay Attached To The True Vine 
To Be Good Fruit!

If We Need Faith 
To Overcome The World
Does It Not Stand To Reason 
That We Need Jesus Christ 
In Order To Bear Good Fruit 
For The Harvest Celebration
Which Comes For Us
Only If We Have The Faith 
Which Is What We Get From Jesus Christ
That We Then Use To Overcome The World
Which Will Cause Us To Shine 
So That Jesus Will Commend Us To His Father 
So That We Are Recipients Of The Award 
Given To Those Enduring Faithful 
On The Receiving Line 
In The Great Day?

Jesus Christ IS Almighty God!
Almighty God IS Faithful!
We MUST Trust Jesus Christ
Who Was Born In A Stable
Walked On The Lonesome Road
Arose And Ascended
Is Right Now
In The Most Holy Place Of The Heavenly Sanctuary
Is Coming Again
For Men Who Trust
Not Those Who Lust
Making A Fuss
Over Things Which Are Soon Dust!

I Trust Jesus Christ!
I Beseech You, Brethren
Trust Wholly In Him!
Trust The Living God's Word
Don't Live In Lust
Like Those Of The Grazing Goat Herd!
Live Blessed On The Holy Word
Digested Read Heard!
Please Do Not Live To Forever Die!
Please Live So That
To Jesus Christ You Will Fly!


Open Our Eyes, Lord
That We  May See Jesus Christ
As The Savior God
That He Is!

Open Our Hearts
To Receive The Great Blessing
That You Are Willing To Import!

Thank You, Lord
For Imputing Christ's Righteousness
Unto Us
So That We May Boldly Approach
Unto You
For Dear Grace!

 Thank You, Lord
For Not Rejecting
Our Humble Prayers
That We In Jesus' Name
In Faith
Say Unto Thee!

Thank You, Lord
For The Mercy
The Grace
The Provision
That Assures Us
That In Heaven
You Have Prepared For Us A Place!
What A Blessed Day
It Shall Be When Our Faith
Becomes Sight!

Lift Us Up
So That We Will - In Faith - Lift You Up
Is The Plea Of Our Believing Hearts
Humbly Petitioning
For Your Favor
For We Truly Love Thee!
Accept Our Prayer
According To Your Will
In Your Way
In Jesus Christ's Name, We Plead!