Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Grace Of God Is Shed Abroad!

Written In Bajan Dialect.

Bertha And Gervase
U-sed To Be
The Best Li'k Mout's 'Bout Town
A Cuppola
Three 'Ears Bac' Dey
Dem Boaf Did Get Demselves Sum Jesus
I Tell You
Deed Faith
Dem Is Dun Part Wid De Goat!

Truf Be Tol'
Dem Is Real Down Tuh De Earth Peo'les
Jest Like Me!
De Engleish Ent Always All De Way Out Dey
En Dey Does Be Kinda Blunt
Yuh Hav-es To Onnerstand
Dat De Same Dedicayshun
Dat Dem Did Had
Tuh Spreddink Hot Gossap
Dem Is Turn Dah Ovah
To Spreddink De Gud Werd!

Yesterday Week
Dem Chu'ch Did Havin'
Op'n Air Meetin'
En Sista Bertha
Gih De Mishun Talk!

Believe You Me!
She Talk Plain Plain!

You Should Lissen Tuh De Tape:

...... . .

Big Eye Doan Full Boney Man Belly!
Big Mout' Does Cut Thin Man Throat!
Stray Cat Does Thief Food Offa Expose' Table
Wild Dog Does Pup
Wherever He Put He Pooch
Even Ef Um Is Nex' Tuh A Goat!

Sin Always Holing Out Uh Armbrella!
Vice Always Wear-rink Pretty-Smellin' Parfum!
Licorishness Always Got
Two Big Able Eyes Scannin' Frum Hay 
Tuh De Moon
That One That Dem Does Name
Everybody Friend
'e Does Walk 'Bout Neff
For A Free Meal
Does Mek Truf Outta Bare-Bac' Lies
He Doan Ca'e Ef En It
Gine Kill Some Body Dead Dead!
Dem Kinda T'ings Does Mek People Cry!

Looka Hay ... See Sin Wid Dem Peepers
Yuh Does Call Yuh Eyes
Don't Touch
If Yuh Get Kick In Your Smalls
Yuh Give Fetch Up Yuh Guts!
If You Run'roun'
You Are Sure To Come'roun'
Ef Yuh Roll Like Rock
Nuh Moss Pun You
Ain't Nevvah Gine Be Found!

Trust In God Ain't Dead
For Bad Pay Can't Kill It!
De Grace Uh God Shed Abroad
Fuh Whoever Wanna Tek It!
Faith In Christ
Comes Not From Imbibing Dat Babylonian Wine
De Almighty God Still 'pon 'e Throne
'e Still
Gloriously Divine!

Truth Is Truth
Lie Is Lie
Liard Satan Shop
Gine Soon Get Shut Down
He Gine Eternally Die!
Thanka Jesus!

The Faithful Will Fly!
The Disgraceful Will Die!
All Uh Dem False Prophets
Hirelings Shepherds
De Big Dragon - Uh Mean Satan 'eself
All Uh He Dragon Buddies
De False Oat' Tekkers
En All De Disgraces
Will En No Way
Ever A-Gain
Be A Blight On The Butt Of Human Kind
Mekkin Men Dou't
Dat Dey Is Got Any Sense Or Sanity!
There Will Be Nothing A-Gain
To Cause Me En You Enny Offense!

Please Tek Muh At Muh Word!
Tek De Comfort Of The Holy Spirit!
Trust The Battle Skills Of The Angel Guard
Hold Fast The Love Of God In Jesus Christ
Mek Sure - Doan Be Cock Sure
Dat Yuh Lot Pun We Sweet Jesus
Yuh Dun Cas'
Ef Yuh Wanna Cross
To Dat Dear Shore
En De Day
When Nummo Sheddoes Cahn Pas'!

Hol' Fas' Pun Jesus Faif, Yuh Hear!
God Will Bless Yuh Sempshus!

There Was A Loud "AMEN!"

It Was Beautiful!

Let No Perceived Lack
Stop You 
From Speaking The Truth
The Gospel Of God's Everlasting Love!