Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Letter

Vashti Died!
Her Dog-Eared Bible
Rubbed Smooth With Age
Was Reposing On Her Heart!
The Letter Was In Her Lap ...!

The  Paper Upon Which The Letter Was Written
Was From The Age Of Onion Skin
And Pleasing To The Touch!

The Letter Was Written
One Paragraph
One Year At A Time!
It Was Started In 1965!
The Final Entry Was Yesterday!

Her Sister, Anna
Read Out The Letter
Her Voice Was Molasses Thick!

The Letter Read:

Dear Jesus,
I Have A Present For You!
My Whole Heart I Give To You!
Please, Won't You Make Me Strong?!

I Am Not Always Kind!
Sometimes I Speak An Untruth
I Want To Do Better
For I Want To Live
In Eternal Peace With You!

My Favorite Text Is
"Suffer The Little Children
To Come Unto Me
And Forbid Then Not!"
Thank You!
I Shall Grow In Your Grace!

I Wish You Made Personal House Calls
For I Would Wish To See You In My House
I Shall Be Satisfied
Just Knowing You Are Everywhere!
Whatever The Height!
You Are Higher!

Today I Learned To Love ...
"Create In Me A Clean Heart, Oh,  God
And Renew A Right Spirit Within Me ...!"
It Made Me Think Of Doing The Laundry:
Dirty Clothes In Hot Water
Mixed With Deep Cleaning Detergent
Followed By A Cool Rinse In Fabric Softener
Which Emerge Smelling
Like The Sunlight On Lofty Green Grass 
And Laced With Refreshing Lime
And Feeling Soft As Air!
Please, Lord! Do That For Me!

The Sirens Were Incessant Today
And They Make Me Realize What We Have Lost
And They Point Me, Lord
Back To You!
Oh, How I Desire A New Life!
A Holy Life!
No More Sorrow!
No More Pain!
No More Evil
By Which To Sin We Have Chained!

I Understand Now, Lord!
The Peace Of God Is As A Slow Moving River!
The Love Of God Is An Enfolding Embrace
Joy In The Lord Is A Fit Meal
Touching Every Sense
Even Those Not Known Yet
With Grace Intermingled
Via The Holy Spirit
And Topped With Holy Rest
Wherein In Eternity
The Then Immortal Soul Shall 
With Eternal Gratitude Reflect!

Oh, Love
That Will Not Let Me Go
I Love You
I Also Like You
For You Are Truly My Friend!

I Was A Child!
Now I Am Old!
You Provided
Food Shelter
Care Comfort
Help Healing
Grace Faith
Truth And Light
In Your Name
By Your Blood
I Go Redeemed To The Father
Having Escaped
The Defiling Of Sin's Flood!

Prayer Is My Food!
Prayer Is My Drink!
Prayer Is The Petition Of My Heart
To My Holy God
On Whom I Constantly Do Think!
I Have Not Been Forsaken
And ... Soon
I Shall Be At Home
I Walk With God.


There Is Not A Heart Touched
A Nose Not Wet
An Eye Not Red!

The Benediction Said There:

Vashti Died As She Lived
At Peace
In Her God!

Much Soul-searching ... Followed.