Saturday, January 7, 2017


I Had Been Teaching 
A Favored Subject Of Mine!
The Question Was Put
I Provided The Answer -
Teaching Subject Matter
Should Not Put One On A Congo Line
Doing Contortions
Displaying Acrobatic Skill!
Teaching Is Simple!
The One Taught Should Be Filled
The Method Still True ... Is:

I Am Going To Tell You
What It Is
That I Am Going To Tell You!
- The Only Way To Get To Father God!

I Am Telling You
What It IS That I Said
I WAS Going To Tell You
 - The Only Way To Father God ...
Is Through His Only Begotten Son!

I Am Telling You
What It Is That I Said
I Was Going To Tell You
That I Told You
I Was Going To Tell
I Told You!
- The Only Way To Father God...
Is Through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ ...
Under The Agency
- The Working -
Of God's Holy Spirit!

I Am Telling You
What I Told You
That I Told You
And I Told You
I Am Telling You!
Do You Understand?
What Did I Just Tell You?

Lay A Foundation!
Raise A Brick!
Add A Foundation!
(Just Look At The Twelve Foundations Of 
The Holy City!)
... And Ask A Question!
Answer A Question!
Explain Everything!
... And A Story Never Hurts!
(It's What Jesus Did!)

Every Building
That Will Strong Stand
Must Have A Corner Stone!
Every Foundational Truth Has For Its Corner
The Holy Son Of God!
The Blessed Son Of Man!

The Stone That The Earthly City Builders Rejected
Is Of The Corner
The Chief
Holding All Together
Rebuffing Roundly
The Known Salvation Thief!

That Corner Stone
Is The Solid Rock!
The Rock Of Offense!
The Burdensome Stone!
The One That Makes Wicked Men Tremble!
The One That A Repentant One Can Fall Upon
Be Broken
To Be Made Truly Whole
The One That Will Fall Upon
The Unrepentant One
Crush Him Into
Fly-Away Dust
Making His Soul's Salvation
An Eternal Bust!

Jesus Christ Is
To Us
What We Want Him To Be
(It Doesn't Mean It Is Right!)
We Will Never Be To Jesus Christ
What We Want To Be
God's Will Is Sovereign!
His Love Is Our Light!
God's Word Is True!
He Is The Corner Stone
From Him
All Stones Are Laid Out
Through And Through
Built Up
Worthy Of Praise
Fitly Put Together
Raising Up A True Church
Fittingly Attired
As A White-Dressed Bride
The Coming Christ's
Glorious Day
Is Already
On The Way Here!

Now ...

I Ask You
What Did I Just Say?

The King Is Coming!

Are You Washed And Ready?

The Foundations Are Laid!

Upon What Do You Stand?

Will You Be Among
The Believing Ones
To Be Caught Away?