Saturday, January 21, 2017

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Learning God By Loving His Word! Loving God By Learning His Word! + PRAYER: Lord, Please Bless My Memory!

If I Bury God's Word
In My Heart
Then Sin Con't Bury Me
With Malice
I'm Going On A Journey!
Please, Won't You Travel With Me?

I Have Been Studying My Self
To See How It Is That I Learn
Those Things That Are Important To Me
Since Learning God's Work
Is The Ultimate Of Things
To Be Learned
I Am Seeking To Arm My Self
With The Word!

Jesus Christ
Routed Satan
With A: 

"Thus Saith Lord ...!"

If That Was Good For Jesus
To It
I Am Attaching My Cord
There Is A Final Examination Coming
- No Deferrals!
- No Re-do's!
A Failing Mark Means, Dear Ones
No Wings In Salvation
For Neither Me
Nor You!


I Am Taking The Position
That Since I Can Absorb
Worldly Rubbish
Recall It
At Will
I Should
- With The Alacrity Of Necessity -
The Living Word Of God
To My Fill!

I Shall Read
For Pleasure
For Profit
For Comfort
For Food
For Truth
I Shall Read
With A Terminal Point In View
So ...
How About You?

I Shall Endeavor
To Focus
On One Text Each Day
Even If It Just Says:

"Jesus Wept!"

I Shall Dwell On It
Throughout The Given Day!
I Shall Lift It Up!
Examine It!
Says The Words
So That There Is Mouth Feel!
I Shall Hold It To My Heart
Lovingly Caress It
Until It Pierces My Heart
Like Honed Steel!

I Must Pass My Examination!
My Study Material
To Me
Must Be Alive!
I Must Understand Him
Of Whom
I Am Learning
To Know Him
Love Him
Trust And Obey Him
Is To Enter
Into Eternal Life!

In The Beginning,  God ...!
In The Beginning Was The Word, And ...!
At The End
The Alpha
The Omega
Shall Say The Word's Final Word
I Am Endeavoring
By God's Grace
To Be In The Sheep Flock
In The Goat Herd!

I Shall Test My Mind
By Beholding
I Shall Be Changed!
It Shall Be Sublime!

That Which I Learn Today
I Shall Write In My Notebook
From Memory
Before I Start
The New Day's Study And Contemplation!

I Pray God For
Sincere, Abiding Love Of His Holy Word
Steadfastness In Learning His Revealed Truths
Diligence In Executing My Plan Of Study
So That With Him
I Shall Be In Accord!

Please Join Me!
I Am Rooting For You!


I Come To You
Seeking Your Blessing
On My Memory!
I Am Today
Committing To Learning Your Word
So That I May Bury It Deep In My Heart
Against The Day
When There Is A Famine
- Not Of Food -
But Of Hearing The Truths About You!

Help Me, Lord
To Diligently Study!
Help Me, Lord

To Studiously Tax My Mind!
Help Me, Lord

To Hold On To Your Word Strongly
I Know That It Is My Lifeline!

I Bless You, Lord
For Answered Prayer
For Knowing Before Hand
What Request I Would Make
For Having A Ready Blessing
Because I Am Seeking To Do Your Will!

Lift Me Up, Lord
So That I May Lift You Up High
And, Please
Draw All The Children Closer, Lord
For We Depend On Only Thee!
I Love You, Lord!