Friday, February 17, 2017


Walking Along The Road One Day
The Traveller Saw A Sign
Could Not Look Away!

The Sign Said:

Welcome To ... DAMNATION
Where There Is
No Life!

AND ...

Right Next To It
Another Sign Said:

Welcome To ... LIFE
Where There Is
No Damnation
Nor Strife!

How Strange ...?!

Not At All!

Oh! Hello!
I Did Not See You There!
What Do You Mean?!
Please Explain
For I Don't Understand
How A Sign
Written By SOMEbody
Can Say: "Welcome!"
To A Place That Has No Life?!

What Is Damnation?!
Is It A Real Name
Or A Special Description?

Ahh, We Are Getting Somewhere!

Damnation Is A Real Name
An Especially Benighted Place
Where Those Who Have Lived Their Lives
In A Revealed Blighted Manner
Shall Enter
At The Appointed Hour
- Never Before -
For No One Can Go In To Explore
Then Exit
Back To Living-Life Shores!

This Damnation
The Eternally-Separated-From-God Station!
All Who Enter Here Will Be Consumed
- They'll Be No More -
As If They've Never Existed!
End Of Story!
The Holy God Says So!

So ...

Where Are The Warning Signs?
Where Are The Watchmen?
Who Is Trumpeting The Sound
- The Right Sound -
Of The Stay Away Call?
Who Is Issuing A Stern Warning?
Who, In The Name Of Jesus?

I Will Answer Your Question
With A Question Of My Own:

Do You Have A King James Bible
The Preserved Word Of God?
Do You Read It Daily?
Are You Heeding The Gospel Call?
Jesus Said His Father Sent Him!
Jesus Said He Is Sending You!
Are You Delivering The Message
Are You Waiting For Someone
To Do What The Master
Has Equipped You To Do?

These Welcome Signs
Are Side By Side
For One Reason
No One
Can Enter Either Side
Upon Acceptance Of An Invitation!
It Is A Decision!

Invitation Is Appropriate Here
No One Enters By Accident!
Entrance Is A Deliberate Act
- By Conscious Self -
Of Choosing
A Congregation Station!
These Are Final Stops!
Again ... It IS A Decision!

Your King James Bible
- Unabridged -
Not One Of Those New Bibles
Re-Edited Or Paraphrased
For Authentic Living Convenience
Gives The Holy God's Living Word
On Salvation aka Life
On Damnation aka Hell
So That
None May Mistake The Way
They Did Not Know
The Right Living Way!

Gotta Run!
I've Got A Story To Tell To The Nations!

As The Traveller Turned 
And Walked Away
The Watcher
Heard Him Plainly Say:

Lord, Help Me To Live Right
For I Accept Your Life Invitation
Help Me To Tell The Truth
To The World
And To My Brother ...!