Friday, July 31, 2015


I was walking on Up to God
I met Man
He called Me: "Friend!!"
He implored Me to walk with him for
He knew of all of Life's Best Short-cuts to Journey's End!

He said he had been on Up to God before and
He beguiled Me
With much lying and lore, and
I was mesmerized
As He told me of what it was I was in for!

I had been warned
But I listened and strayed
My walk on Up to God 
Was delayed. Delayed!

I was regaled with stories of Hate and Love
Needs and Greed
He had a Great Knack
I ate swallowed his prepacked Snack!

I walked on in Myself
I didn't look in
I didn't look back
To see that True Companion
Was trailing ... bloody, and crying!

I - for a while - lived
With Company of Lies
I was motivated by 
The Lord of The Dung Flies!

I lived High
I partied Low
I laid on the Ground
I rolled around in mud and loved in black snow!

My New Friends had No Morals
They smelled of The Flame
I didn't
 ... I didn't care!

I really should have known
That Sweet Life doesn't last
It ends in a casket or 
In a full body cast!

There were Regrets and Recriminations
Lost Relations, and
Crying, and much wishing
For the Good that was and is now ... past!

My Day of Reckoning came
My Excuse for Folly? - It was lame!
I lived by My flesh, My eyes
I lived for the Praise of the In-World Game!

As for He Who Led Me To Stray
He was laughing - and pointing - at My Decay
And calling Me Fool
After CONvincing Me that his Way of Life 
Was happening, and way, way, cool!

It was then I saw My True State
I was inside the Pig
Eating that which made the Scavenger Swine salivate!

I thought of on My Father
Who His Servants fed!
Those Servants had much
For He did Reward
And I said in My Heart:

"I will go back to My Father
As His Servant, today!
I know He will Forgive!
He will help and heal My Decay!"

Loaded Down ... Dirty as I was
I ran toward Home! I couldn't stay away, and
My Father met Me in on The Way!
I cried, and I said:

"Father! Forgive Me!
I strayed, and really played!
I wasted My Substance on with The Fraud
Who cast me aside!
Father! He lied and lied
And I have been burnt!
Heal Me!
Help Me!
To You, My Lord, I return
For, Life Lesson, though hard
I have assuredly learnt!"

My Father washed Me - I was Renewed!
My Father clothed Me - the World I eschewed!
I walk ... NOW
On The True and Holy Way
I live for My Father
He's My Lord - The Light of The Way!

I have #TheRewardsOfTheSaints:

Help of The Angels
Saving by The Blood

The Spirit is My Comfort and My Stay!
What more can I say?!

I shall - in Jesus' Faith - Stay in The Fight!
I shall - with His Blessing - walk Faithfully into The Night
And on The Great Day
Coming very soon
I shall Rise Up - Glorified
To The Heavenly Reward
Way beyond the Big Moon!

PRAYER: Keep Me Faithful

Lord, I look upon You
Through the Eye of My Heart
I bless Your Holy Name, Father
Let Me from Your Way never depart!

Keep this My Heart ever humble
Keep this My Eye on You fixed
Keep Me Faithful in The Battle
Let Love help Me from Sin be nixed!

I don't know where The Path will lead Me
I only know, Lord, that You will guide
Take Me, Father, to The Temple
Let Me, Lord, in You forever abide!

Lord, I look with Love upon You
Lord, I know that I am blessed
For You shield Me, guide Me, and lead Me
And in You, Lord, My Longing Soul Rests.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Met God

One day, I met God - The Creator
I said: "Hello!"
And walked on ...

Then I met God - The Preacher
I said: "How ...?"
And walked on ...

Then I met God - The Teacher
I said: "Why ...?"
And walked on ...

Then ...


The Creator
The Savior
The Redeemer
The Friend
The Faithful
The Helper
The Healer
The Comforter
The Carrier
The Provider
The Sustainer
The Heart's Desire
My Soul's Salvation
My Master
My Lord
My God
My Beginning
My End
The Truth
My Light
My Way
To Life
And further
The Father
My Father

I said: "Thank YOU!"

He said: "BLESS YOU!"

And WE, now together - FOREVER - Walk On ...

TRUTH: God IS Great!

God is Good!
Good is Great!
God is Coming -
He won't be late!

God is Good!
Good is Great!
You don't have His Calendar
Don't set any dates!

God is Good!
Good is Great!
Sin is a sickness
God will eradicate!

God is Good!
Good is Great!
Trust God for your own soul's Salvation
Don't suffer Satan's just fate!

Good is Great!
Don't Sin elevate!

God is Good!
Good is Great!
Hold to Christ Jesus - sit at His Table!
You will eat off True Gold plates!

God is Good!
Good is Great!
Pray and pass the Message:
#JesusISComing! Prepare!
God will the Saints to His Home elevate!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Deception, Deception from ... Conception!
Pretensions, Pretensions to hold ... The Attention!
False Education may gain ... High Elevation, but
Deception's Pretensions need ... Detection!

















He IS:

Creator of ... The Universe
Detector of ... False Hearts
Rejecter of ... Other Gospels
Protector of ... The Saints
Father of ... The Believers
Selector of ... Kings and Priests
Reflector of ... Clean Hearts
Reviler of ... The Revolting
Reviewer of ... Accounts
Revealer of ... Secrets
Instructor of ... Men
Constrainer of ... Loving Souls
Constructor of ... Kingdoms
Retainer of ... Hope
Derailer of ... Evil Plots and Plans
Defender of ... The Defenseless
Recorder of ... All Life's Deeds
Destroyer of ... Strongholds 
Troubler of ... The Wicked
No Respecter of ... Persons


#TheFinalWORD on "It" All!

The Finisher of "It" All!


The Truth!



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No Goaters! No Kiddie Goat Heaven!

I went to the Altar of God - because I believed in Jesus' Love for Me!

I will Enter The Heavenly Home because

1. I Trust God's Word, and

2. I Respect His Sovereign Will as Lord of My Life!

I will Survive The Journey to Home because of a Living Faith in The Faithfulness of Jesus Christ.

I am at Peace because of The Blessed Hope, and


I Am A Foolish Wooly Sheep - not A Hairy Judas Goat.

God Guides!
Satan Lies!

God Deals Straight!
Satan Titillates!

God Creates!
Satan Imitates!

God Waits!

God Heals our hurts!
Satan Hurts our heels!

God Pleads!
Satan Kneads!

God is Love!
Satan is Hate!

God IS
Satan I'snt
Look at The Facts
Know The Difference!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Do You Love Jesus?


I Love You!
Do You love Me?

I want to Love You!

Can You Love Me?

I believe so! Sure!

Will You Love Me?

I'm feeling My Heart grow!
In the constancy of Your Love
I'm sure My Love for You will show!
I long to belong to You -
God knows!

Do You Love Me?



If You Love Me
Do what I Say!

If You Love Me
Let My Love Hold Sway!

If You Love Me
You won't Me Betray
And You will Walk in Me
Day by day!

If You Love Me
Walk in My Sight!

If You Love Me
Stay in The Fight!

If You Love Me
You will be At Peace both Day and Night
For I hold You in My Heart
Secure and tight!

If You Love Me

If You Love Me
Cling to My Every Word!

If You Love Me
Reject the Wild and the Absurd
And You will Hold in Your Hand The Costliest of Pearls!
... If You Love Me.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Dead Family

We are The Dead Family:

Dead to The Living Truth
Dead in Trespasses
Dead to The Blessings of Eternal Life
Dead to God's Great Grace
Dead to The Gift of The Blessed Hope
Dead to God's Great Glory
Dead in Constant Sin
Deadly Peace
Deadly Ways
Deadly Words
Dead Works
Dead Life
Dead Hope
Dead To Grace
Dead To Mercy
Dead Faith
Dead Charity
Death Dancer
Death Defiant
Death Knell
Death Comes
Death Throes
Dealer In Death
Death Goes On Vacation

There are many, many, more of us, but I am sure you get "the Drift!"

We are Dead, Dying, Deadly, Deathly, Dangerous and Decaying.


And - Blessed Day - HELP arrived!

Heaven Ever Loves and Provides and
New Blood was poured into The Dead Family, and there was an Explosion of New Births!

New Life sprung forth and with Through Christ, brought forth
Blessed Assurance who brought forth
Jesus is Mine who begat
Heir of Salvation who brought forth 
Purchase of God!

I Learned To Pray brought forth
I Found The Answer who brought forth 
Troublesome Times Are Here who brought forth 
Standing In The Need Of Prayer who begat
Reach Out To Jesus who begat 
God Is Able!

I Am Not Worthy brought forth 
I Have Heard A Joyful Song who begat
Sabbath Rest who brought forth 
Abundant Blessing With Praise! 

Jedidiah brought forth 
I Am Not Worthy who begat 
Only Trust Him who begat
Jehovah Jireh who preaches
"All God's Paths Are Peace!"

So Send I You begat
Gospel Explosion who begat
Put You Trust In God who grandly sings
"Nothing Is Impossible With God!"

Ordinary Life brought forth Extraordinary Hope who begat 
Haven of Rest who brought forth 
Rescue The Perishing who begat 
Welcome Dear Redeemer who brought forth 
God Became A Man who declared
"Trust God for Salvation!" to which 
All To Jesus I Surrender loudly, and victoriously, said


The DEAD Family 





The True and Living Almighty, Eternal, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent ... GOD!

Some People would have us Believing
That there are maybe probably likely gods around and about, but ...
Satan Rules!

Some Others would have us Believing
That Satan is god and all Christians are Ignorant! 
Those People? 
They are Fools!


A Day is Here Coming
When The True and Living Almighty
Eternal, Omniscient
Omnipotent, Omnipresent God 
Will let be Revealed
That His Will is All - Sovereign - and
His Word Seals All Deals
That He is Holding
All The Keys
To All of Life's Doors and Shores
To All Lives - Seen and Unseen

#Don'tForgetJesusChrist, Himself, IS The Way -
He Can't be Ignored!
Deny His Sovereignty
And You are Going to Pay!

Don't Be Deceived!
God is Not Mocked!
He is Not Blocked!
He is Loving!
He Cares for His Sheep Flock!
All Others Reside in Death's Goat Docks.

Liar! You Reap what you Sow!
Child, Study The Word and The Living God will You Grow!
Trust Truth, and You will Know
God is Real, and You won't Follow the Devil's Flow Show!


Saturday, July 25, 2015


Iniquity abounds
Thou knowest that God frowns
Remember that at Noah's time people drowned
This time fire will rain down.

I get very frightened
When I hear people speak dismissively of God
They speak as though God is a Mock-man
And Satan is someone of whom one can be proud.

I feel my skin go clammy
I feel my eyes dilate
I tremble when I hear them speaking of Almighty God
With much disdain and real hate!

Oh, Lord, have mercy upon your people
The Minions of Hell are no more on a secret rampage
For those who should have been teaching Truth to the People
Have sold Believers and Seekers out for desire of food, fame and really high wage!

Lust of the Flesh
Lust of the Eye
The Pride of Life - Real strokes of genius
Tried and true - Satan tried them out on the Lord
Jesus quoted Satan The "It is Written" - he fled
Judas didn't - and he will be eternally dead.

As for me, I'm trying to get God's Holy Word inside this heart and head.

God's People!
Don't give up the Journey to Salvation
Don't lie down and play dead because of a setback that you felt
Was a deal breaker between you and The Great Creator!
God can will save you IF you go to Him in prayer, and confess, and repent.

Pray to God the Father in the Name of The Son - King Jesus
Go to Him under God The Holy Spirit's Agency
This Godhead ever abides
Don't believe Old Satan's lies
For Living Fire will consume those
Who choose Living The High Life instead of Eternal Life
Which comes from accepting Jesus' Sacrifice and not living for feelings, fun and favorite buys!

All told, That Day Coming will be Momentous!
The Faithful Dead and Living will Rise!
The Not Rising Up will cry and die
After saying: "He IS Real, and we are not saved!"
But it will be ... too late
High Flown Knowledge Education cost them Eternal Life -
They chose Satan for their Forever Date Mate.

PRAYER: Father, You Are Not Keeping To The Agreement!?!

Father, we have an Agreement, and
It is not working, and I am not happy!
You are supposed to wink at my foolishness!
Yesterday You didn't and now 
I feel hurt and sad
And angry and dismayed
And foolish and fearful!
What am I doing, or did
That was, or is, sooo wrong?!
Why is this happening to me!
Why meee!?!

"Beloved, I Love You and Will Always Care for You 
Even when You are Disobedient and Self-willed.
But #LivingLifeOnYourOwnTermsHasConsequences.

In My Holy Word, it states that in times of Man's Ignorance -
OF WHO I AM - God winks!

But that ignorance is when You Do Not Know Right From Wrong, Truth From Error, are Lacking Knowledge, and are Fallen In (not into) Idolatry.

Beloved, You know better, and You should have Prayed and Asked for Help to help You do and be better than your Situation. You did not.

I heard You say in Your Heart that You Did Not Care What Was Said
Or Done, that You were going to Have Your Own Way.

You did, and, hence, Your Sadness and Fear now.

My Child, Because of Love, I Will Not Permit You 
To Indulge in the Sin of Presumption and then say
"Thank God, I'm a Christian!"

Your saying You are a Christian does not give You an ESCAPE FREE card.
Assuredly, it will Guarantee You Punishment.

My Judgment begins in My House, and I Love You too much
To let You live a Slack and Reprobate Life.

You Daily give Me Your Will, and You Beseech Me 
To Guide Your Way and, so
You have My Response
For You Acted with Malice and
You Deliberately Chose Disobedience Over Deprivation
Of what could not, and, assuredly, did not 
Your Heart satisfy.

You say I am Your Father.
You say You Trust Me.
You say You will Obey My Commands and Follow My Ways
But You Honor Me in Your Words and not in Your Actions.

I accepted Your Request to Lead You to Green Pastures and
To Restore Your Soul.

Well, as Human, You know of and have seen Restoration Work in action.
It is messy, noisy, and painful and expensive, but The End thereof is Beauty Over Total Destruction.

So, Dear Child, is The Way of Your Restoration.

It is going to be Messy - to get rid of the Rot and the Rust and the Corrosion that is now Manifest in Your Character.

It is going to be Noisy - for You are going to cry because of the Tearing Down of Strongholds.

It is Painful - when the Waste of the Past and Current Bad Behaviors are being removed.

It is Expensive - because You have to Pay the Costs for Restoring the Old Bad to New Good, and

You will feel Bereft of the Familiar, and Naked without Old Bad Comforts.

I Am Holy.
You must be Holy, too.

You must Remember My Charge:



Disobedience is as the Sin of Witchcraft


I will not share My Glory with idols who have eyes and see not
Who have ears and hear not
Who have hands and feet, and accomplish nothing.

I Provide for Your ... Needs
I Protect You from ... Harm
I Guard Your ... Abode
I Guide Your ... Footsteps
I Teach You ... My Way
I Chide You ... for Your Willfulness
I Chastise You ... for Your Back-slidings
I Comfort You ... in Sorrow and Distress
I Love ... You ... with An Everlasting Love
I Abide ... in You
I Hide You ... in the Shelter of My Wings
I Help You ... to Reach Home
I Heal ... You ... in Your Hurts and in Your Heart ... to Your Very Soul
I Hold You ... Marked ... in My Body

I Will Never Leave You ... nor Forsake You.

I, however, will not Permit You to Go Astray while You are Humbling Yourself Before Me in Godly and Saintly Fear.

I will not Force You to Obey - You have Will.

I will not Force My Way Upon You You have Choice.

I will Encourage You, and Keep You by My Holy Spirit
As Long as You Desire Me to be Your Father, Your Lord, Your God, Your Savior, Your Comfort, Your Redeemer, Your Commander, and Your Friend.

My Child, Seek My Will for Your Life in Whatever You do, and
Do Not Follow the Mixed Multitudes - therein is Corruption, and Death.

Walk Upright!
Do Right!
Live Right!
Stay in My Light and
Receive My #GarmentOfRighteousness - I will not accept yours.

Despite Your Setbacks 

You will, again, know Joy Now, and Then
Joy Everlasting in the Day To Come
If You Stay The Course, and 
Let My Light Guide You Safely Home.

My Child, I Have Not Forsaken You.
Had I done so, Feelings of Sadness would be
The Least of Your Problems.

You Are My Child, Greatly Beloved -
Walk On in The Son."

Father, I'm Sorry!
Please Forgive Me!
Help Me to Do Better Today...
I Love You.

Friday, July 24, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Until The Day: Obedience

I am a Sinner ...

Jesus Christ called to Me!
I answered: "Yes?"
He said to Me: "Come to Me. Answer My Behest!"

I answered Jesus.
I asked: "What for?"
He said to Me: "Walk through My Life. I'm The Door!"

I asked: "What happens when I walk through The Door?"
Will I be happy?
Will I get bored?
Is there any one there to call my friend?
What will I eat?
Are You Pretend?
How long do I stay?
What shall we talk about?
Are you Good for real?
Or are You just a talk that's all about?
What do you do? All day? At night?
Do you wear pajamas?
Do you have teeth?
Do you bite?
Where did you come from?
Who is your Mommy? Your Dad?
Do you break things when you are angry?
Do you get drunk when you are mad?
Do you have a wife?
Do you love her? Do you provide?
Or do you spend your money on race horses?
On Chef's Pride?
Can I trust You?
Are You Honest?
Are You Faithful?
Are You True?
I don't have a good Earth Father?
Can You be My Father True Blue?
Can I tell You My Secrets?
Can I share with You My Fears?
Can I have a clothing allowance?
Or will my clothing have patches and tears?
I know I ask a lot of questions. I am distrustful of Gift Horse claims.
I have been burdened and beaten.
I have been bothered and scared.
Can You protect me?
Can You hide
Me from the terrors that broadside?
I have no good examples
Of what a real father should be
So would you please answer my questions?
Answer them True! I will surely then follow thee!

I am a Sinner ... Saved By Grace.

Jesus calls to Me.
I answer: Yes, Lord!
Is there work for Me to do today?
I am willing, Dear Lord, please send ME!
I am not afraid to work - It is Day! I faithfully pray!

Jesus sends me out on daily missions.
What the day's work holds - I don't know
But I remember Jesus' Answers
When He wanted me to enter 
The God Family Abode!

Jesus answered all my many questions
He left not one answer out
He drew me to Him most gently
And sang Me His Heart's lullaby:

Come unto Me you who labor

Come unto me! Come! Find your Rest!
Cast your care upon Me
I died that You will be blessed!

I give a burden to each of My Children

The faithful ask me to help them hold strain
They learn that I am meek and so gentle
I AM not self-seeking nor profane!

I give to each as his faith garners

I polish each to finest purest Gold
I give to each a bright white garment
That shall not ever grow old!

Each of My children is promised

Eternal Life in The Fold
Nevermore to be bothered
By sin sorrow, shame, hate nor
Feeling Getting Being old.

The River of Life is there for My children

My Face is theirs to behold
My hands are there for the holding
My heart is where You'll never know cold!

Companions are Angels excelling

In strength - they accompany You life long
The Tree of Life bears fruit for the taking
Then there is Praise
Light to Light - no night long!

Learning is Yours - I AM teaching

Laughter is Yours - I AM Love
Comfort is Yours - I AM Salvation
No evil can enter God's Gate Door to Everlasting Love!

He said ...

Until The Day Of My Returning

Occupy! Work till I come!
Give no place to The Evil
Work! Work ... Until I come!

So, today I am on a mission
Of Peace, Hope, Inspiration
Of Love
To tell #TheJoyOfSalvation
To encourage all to answer Jesus - He IS Faithful
He Is God's True, Abiding, Holy Love.


Dear Ones:

There is a time to ask questions.

There is a time to follow orders! The time to obey!

We, as Christians, have long had the ignoble propensity to question God ... even after we have found The Answer.

This is not the time for "Questions - Just Because!"

By now, we should be asking "OURSELVES" whether there is anything, something, something else, anything else that we may do to further The Work Of The Kingdom.

Please do not let anyone discourage you because you lack "paper credentials!" That does not make you unfit for service! 

The Holy Spirit Teaches.

I am now at the point where I sincerely believe that we are better off without these "credentials" because they are causing many to disbelieve Truth, to Doubt God, and to Call Jesus a Good Man, and The Holy Spirit, a Thought! Lord, help us?!

God is not desirous that any soul should perish, so he is calling ... the Saved to Work ... the Sinner to Repentance ... All to Salvation!

He IS Calling! Will you Answer OR Will You Wonder AND Wander Away?

Many Are Called!

Many Will Answer "A CALL" but not ... The Call Of Jesus!

Few Will Be Chosen.

Remember ... God uses the simple things of this world to confound the wise!

Jesus Uses The Willing

Not Those Who Are Just Chillin'

Get HOT!


Don't be LUKEWARM!

You will surely lose your Soul!

We are asked to Trust God!
Believe God!
Pray Without Ceasing!
Bless God!
Live For God!
Reason With God!
He never, however, says to Question His Sovereign Will.

Remember ... Obedience IS better than Sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22-23)