Monday, July 13, 2015

By beholding, I Was ... Changed!

By Beholding, I was ... Changed!
Not for the Better - I was Ashamed!
I Looked upon Evil!
My Eyes Became Dull
And not long thereafter
Sin entered - I forgot The Shed Blood!

First, I started Brooding
About What Was Not Mine!
My Faith in The Master 
Went on the Decline!

It didn't take long
For Longing To Live and Let cried
And put me on a Path that would 
Could cause My Demise!

I started to Bend
The Rules of The Light!
I started walking with The Friends of The Night
And that is when Spirit and Flesh started to Fight
And then The Fleas of Real Sin on me did Bite!

My Skin was covered in Welts - some did leave Scars!
My Ears were going Deaf - I almost couldn't hear The Devil's Sports Car
Which was Revving and Roaring
As it came to My Gate!
I didn't hear it Sounding until it had Dropped me off Late
On My Day of Decision
For Good or For Ill
I'd ignored My Jesus
I'd Taken Swallowed The Sweet Rough Bitter Pill!

I then Drank a Deep Draught of 
The Waters of Regret
And Raked in the Leaves of
Would've Could've but Didn't Yet
Then And If, But and Annie
Came Carrying The Stoat
Which carried the Scissors which Cut Through My Coat
Covering My Callous Behavior
Which Covered My Need
And that is when, Broken, I Fell on My Knees
And Cried:

"Lord, Jesus, Save Me! Please!!?!!
I'm Truly Fit to be Tied
Up, and Dropped In
Your Cleansing Tide!"

"I'm Sorry for My Actions!
I Believed Satan's Lies
Of Great Fun and Frolic
Free - No Money to be Paid!
But, Lord, it was all Deception for
I have a Foot - and Four Toes - on the Banana Peel 
That is at the Edge of My Grave!"

"Great Father, Please Rescue Me!
I'm Pleading! Please, Save!
Without You, Dear Jesus
My Home is Slaving to Be Graved
Departed from You!
Lord, Jesus!
Please, help Me?!
Get Me out of this Stew!"

My Child
How I love YOU!
For YOUR LIFE I died
And how it blesses Me when to Me YOU do cry!
I give YOU Forgiveness!
I wipe clean YOUR Stain!
Cling unto Me -
Don't go in again to The Fast Lane!

YOU cannot fight Satan!
YOU'RE not strong enough!
I offer YOU My Weapons -
Not Powder Puffs and Bluffs!
Truth is The Belt to gird up YOUR loins!
Faith and Love make The Helmet to protect YOUR head from Above!
And Hope is YOUR Breastplate
Assuring Salvation - God's Love!
Love from The Divine
The Creator, The Judge!

However YOU Come to Me - come, I won't reject for
YOU are My Child
I knew YOU before YOU were a Speck
In the love of YOUR parents
Before they were born
But this is YOUR Day!
Confess! Repent!
Be Reborn!

I know of YOUR Needs
I provide for YOU every day
Reject the Things of The Earth
They just bring Decay!

Take My Yolk Easy upon YOU - My Burden is Light
Cast off the Works of Darkness
Shine YOUR Light bright
So that I may be Glorified
When men see YOUR Good Works
Stay close to My Altar
Like The Bride in The Church!

I'll treat YOUR eyes that are blinded!
I'll replace YOUR clothes that are sin-shorn!
I'll place in YOUR pocket
Pure Gold from My Throne!

Dear Child, look at These Hands
Look upon my Scarred Brow
Look upon my Holy Holey Feet
Touch This Rent in My Side!
These badges I earned
To save YOU, My Love!
Come into My Covert!
Give Satan The Shove - Raise High The Dove!

I conquered That Bold Sinner
The Day that I Died
The Day I was Risen
Was The Day Satan Cried
For He knows the Battle is Over
My Victory is Won!
My Kingdom, Great and Glorious is, for YOU, Coming Down!

Walk Holy - I'm Holy!
Walk Right - I'm Light!
Trust Me - I'm TRUTH!
 I'm Faithful!
I'm Life!
I'm Savior, Redeemer
The Conquering King!
I've got YOU, My Darling!
So, Cling to Me! Cling!

Walk on in Majesty!
My Kingdom Awaits!
Neither dogs nor whoremongers
Will get in at The Gate!

Keep YOUR Lamp Bright Burning
Filled with The Pure Oil of Grace!
Don't dance with The Devil - keep Marching
Even if YOU March Alone and in Place!

I've provided YOU an Angel Guardian
Who excels in Great Strength
And My Holy Spirit
Will comfort, guide and chide
Time and again!

Take all that I give YOU
Take it, and Peaceful Rest!
Stay with Me Faithful!
You will Enter My Blessed, Eternal Rest!"

I Gave up the World!
I Threw off The Chain!
I Trust in My Jesus
Where Sacrifice IS Great Gain!

I have what I Need
With an Occasional Want
It does not overwhelm me
I no longer need want to Flaunt
Things to be Paid for
Promises to be Broken
So that I would Jaunt
Up down and sideways
Frustrated and Dreading
The thoughts 
That oft' came cascading o'er me 
When I laid down my head!

I can Rest in Sweet Peace
In Comfort
Feeling Joy
For I am Redeemed
I am a Child of The Eternal God
Who Made Me
Who Minds Me
Who Comforts My Days
Who is Giving Me a Bright Mansion
At The End of Earth's Days!

His Promise is Faithful!
His Word is Sure!
He Provides Me with a Watch Angel - I feel Secure!
Join Me, I beseech you!
Let go of The World!
The Cup of Sin Runneth Over
#JudgmentIsAtThe Door!

Take Jesus - He Rescues!
Take Jesus - He Saves!
He is The King - Eternal
The Ancient of Days!
Render True Praise unto Him
Forever ... and ALWAYS!