Sunday, July 19, 2015

Get Away From Me, Satan!

Get away from Me, Satan!
Your World taught Me "The Lesson" too well, so
You cannot tempt to follow you anymore and
You're not going to see Me in Hell!

You cannot offer Me any more Trinkets
No more Skewed Knowledge, no more Fair Deals, no more False Hopes!
You are a Bold-Faced Liar - You're a Murderer!
I will swing no more on your Gaudy
Glittering, Death-Dealing, Twisted, Hell-bent Rope!

Don't tell Me that I'm too sinful -
That worked on Me only yesteryear!
Today I'm walking humbly with Jesus
Not proudly with The Prince of The Power of The Air!

Don't send anybody to flatter Me
I'm no longer working for applause from Fallen Man!
My Boss is The God of Creation
Jesus Christ, The Beloved, The Great I AM!

You can no longer rob Me of God's Truth
I've confessed My Sin! I've taken Jesus for My Portion
So any Sin you cast up in front of Me
Jesus Christ, Himself, cast it into His Forgetfulness Sea!

Let Me spell it out for You!
I've accepted Jesus - He is holding My Hand!
He is Faithful and True - Not Deceitful like You!
Take a hike! I'm sticking to Jesus Christ like Super Glue!

Do not attempt to talk with Me anymore!
I have a good Word for You!
Jesus Christ Saves! His Heart I now crave!
I'm through being a toy pet upon which you horribly chew!

Give up Your Fight!
My God Is The Light 
His Love for Me has No Limits
I will Him give My Praise
Forever and Always
Forget You!
You have only a few more short days!

IF You Don't Understand ...

Let Me Paint You A Picture:

Jesus Loves Me 
You Can't!

Jesus Drew Me Out Of Sin 
You Encouraged Me To Sin!

Jesus Inspires Hope 
You Inspire Dread!

Jesus IS Love 
You ARE Hate!

Jesus' Love Causes Me to Look Up
You Encouraged Me To Lower My Head!

Jesus Plants Faith
You Planted Despair!

Jesus has prepared an Eternal and Happy Home for Me
You Offered Cheapo Fun and Eternal Death!

Jesus Comforts Me by The Holy Spirit
Your Minions Sought to Disturb My Head Bed!

Jesus Died for Me
You Killed Him AND, yet, He LIVES!

Jesus Is Alive and will Redeem Me
Who's Crying Now?

Jesus Forgave Me
Where is YOURS!

Jesus IS Coming For Me
Who Can't Go Home?

Jesus IS My Hope For Glory
You Can Keep Your Trap For Hell!


Just In Case You May Have Forgotten Your End: