Saturday, July 25, 2015

PRAYER: Father, You Are Not Keeping To The Agreement!?!

Father, we have an Agreement, and
It is not working, and I am not happy!
You are supposed to wink at my foolishness!
Yesterday You didn't and now 
I feel hurt and sad
And angry and dismayed
And foolish and fearful!
What am I doing, or did
That was, or is, sooo wrong?!
Why is this happening to me!
Why meee!?!

"Beloved, I Love You and Will Always Care for You 
Even when You are Disobedient and Self-willed.
But #LivingLifeOnYourOwnTermsHasConsequences.

In My Holy Word, it states that in times of Man's Ignorance -
OF WHO I AM - God winks!

But that ignorance is when You Do Not Know Right From Wrong, Truth From Error, are Lacking Knowledge, and are Fallen In (not into) Idolatry.

Beloved, You know better, and You should have Prayed and Asked for Help to help You do and be better than your Situation. You did not.

I heard You say in Your Heart that You Did Not Care What Was Said
Or Done, that You were going to Have Your Own Way.

You did, and, hence, Your Sadness and Fear now.

My Child, Because of Love, I Will Not Permit You 
To Indulge in the Sin of Presumption and then say
"Thank God, I'm a Christian!"

Your saying You are a Christian does not give You an ESCAPE FREE card.
Assuredly, it will Guarantee You Punishment.

My Judgment begins in My House, and I Love You too much
To let You live a Slack and Reprobate Life.

You Daily give Me Your Will, and You Beseech Me 
To Guide Your Way and, so
You have My Response
For You Acted with Malice and
You Deliberately Chose Disobedience Over Deprivation
Of what could not, and, assuredly, did not 
Your Heart satisfy.

You say I am Your Father.
You say You Trust Me.
You say You will Obey My Commands and Follow My Ways
But You Honor Me in Your Words and not in Your Actions.

I accepted Your Request to Lead You to Green Pastures and
To Restore Your Soul.

Well, as Human, You know of and have seen Restoration Work in action.
It is messy, noisy, and painful and expensive, but The End thereof is Beauty Over Total Destruction.

So, Dear Child, is The Way of Your Restoration.

It is going to be Messy - to get rid of the Rot and the Rust and the Corrosion that is now Manifest in Your Character.

It is going to be Noisy - for You are going to cry because of the Tearing Down of Strongholds.

It is Painful - when the Waste of the Past and Current Bad Behaviors are being removed.

It is Expensive - because You have to Pay the Costs for Restoring the Old Bad to New Good, and

You will feel Bereft of the Familiar, and Naked without Old Bad Comforts.

I Am Holy.
You must be Holy, too.

You must Remember My Charge:



Disobedience is as the Sin of Witchcraft


I will not share My Glory with idols who have eyes and see not
Who have ears and hear not
Who have hands and feet, and accomplish nothing.

I Provide for Your ... Needs
I Protect You from ... Harm
I Guard Your ... Abode
I Guide Your ... Footsteps
I Teach You ... My Way
I Chide You ... for Your Willfulness
I Chastise You ... for Your Back-slidings
I Comfort You ... in Sorrow and Distress
I Love ... You ... with An Everlasting Love
I Abide ... in You
I Hide You ... in the Shelter of My Wings
I Help You ... to Reach Home
I Heal ... You ... in Your Hurts and in Your Heart ... to Your Very Soul
I Hold You ... Marked ... in My Body

I Will Never Leave You ... nor Forsake You.

I, however, will not Permit You to Go Astray while You are Humbling Yourself Before Me in Godly and Saintly Fear.

I will not Force You to Obey - You have Will.

I will not Force My Way Upon You You have Choice.

I will Encourage You, and Keep You by My Holy Spirit
As Long as You Desire Me to be Your Father, Your Lord, Your God, Your Savior, Your Comfort, Your Redeemer, Your Commander, and Your Friend.

My Child, Seek My Will for Your Life in Whatever You do, and
Do Not Follow the Mixed Multitudes - therein is Corruption, and Death.

Walk Upright!
Do Right!
Live Right!
Stay in My Light and
Receive My #GarmentOfRighteousness - I will not accept yours.

Despite Your Setbacks 

You will, again, know Joy Now, and Then
Joy Everlasting in the Day To Come
If You Stay The Course, and 
Let My Light Guide You Safely Home.

My Child, I Have Not Forsaken You.
Had I done so, Feelings of Sadness would be
The Least of Your Problems.

You Are My Child, Greatly Beloved -
Walk On in The Son."

Father, I'm Sorry!
Please Forgive Me!
Help Me to Do Better Today...
I Love You.