Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PRAYER: Lord, Save Your People!

Father, we come before You as Supplicants and Penitents, thankful for Grace, and pleading for Mercy!

Lord, we are being told that Your Hand is short, and You cannot save!

Father, You told Adam and Eve to be fruitful, and multiply, and #ReplenishTheEarth!

Problem is, Lord, that according to the Rulers of this World You did a poor job because The Earth is overpopulated, resources are depleted, and mass extinction will soon be the result unless they commit humane murder to save The Planet, who is their Mother!

Lord, in their vaunted, corrupted, knowledge - provided to them by that Lying Snake, Satan, who had, and still has, delusions of grandeur - they have been persuaded that the only way out for mankind is to eliminate, erase, disappear, destroy, poison ... kill ... 6,000,000,000 people so that they can #SaveTheEarthForTheSelect ... plus a few slaves to do the drudge work for their slothful, gluttonous, prideful, envious, greedy, lustful, angry and wicked selves!

Father, humble them, reminding them that their wisdom is all foolishness to You!

Father, we pray for satisfaction against these illuminated creatures, these  #Eugenicists, who deny You - The Creator - and call themselves gods on The Earth!

Lord, they are digging graves for Your People, but You have stated that Judgment will fall back on them! Oh, Lord, let Your Word stand!

Father, You told Your people before time what would fall upon The Earth so that we would not be afraid! Father, keep us in Your Care!

Father, You also told us that unless The Time be shortened, no soul would be left alive!

Lord, Your Word is true, and we believe in, and love, and trust You, so shelter us with Your Mighty Wings for we know that there will be a people waiting to welcome You at Your Appearing!

Father, until The Day Dawns, help us to stand firm in the Faith of Jesus Christ, redeeming the time, knowing that The End is near and doing our utmost to make our Calling and Election sure! Grant us Your continuing Grace and Mercy for we are standing faithful.

Oh, Father, we are holding the fort so, please, come soon! We need You! Amen.

Let God's People


that He Rules

in The Affairs of Men!

God's Will - will be done!