Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Great Pretender!

Today I had Two Customers
Walking in my Heart Stomach Shop
They were paying customers
And had lots to talk shout about!

The One was Happy En Jolly
The Other Rabid Tu Hate
It was hard for me to understand
How could these two be out on a date?

Happy En Jolly ate quite sparingly!
She was grateful easy going!
She graciously accepted her offerings -
Her heart seemed easily satisfied!

Not so Rabid Tu Hate, The Great Pretender
Who ate and ate and ate
And ate and ate voraciously
But got no bigger
No matter what how much how late he ate!

He ate his last landlord
Out of his house and his family's land
Out of real love and deep affection
Out of "God Sends A Helping Hand!"

And ... NOW

This Scavenging Glutton
Had taken up residence in My Heart Stomach Shop
And was demanding of dainty morsels
For Things which recipes I had not!

I didn't have a recipe for Contention!
I didn't have a recipe for Station Stature Elevate!
I didn't have a recipe for Grudge My Brother!
I didn't have a recipe for What An Idiot! She's a Flake!

I had no recipe for Dodge Dog Biscuits!
I had no recipe for Brazen Body Bakes!
I had no recipe for Craven Cookies!
And definitely no recipe for Lousy Loser Meringue Cake!

I was now becoming quite angry!
I didn't want to manufacture Unkind Swill!
I didn't want to make Marbled Madness!
And I didn't want to anything to do with Deadly Dongle Dangles and 
Mismatched Mates Gooeyness Mess!

I politely asked to be excused
I went into My Quiet Rest Place
And, to God, I beseechingly humbly prayed
In the Blessed Name of My Jesus
With The Holy Spirit holding sway
I rejoined That Full In-Swing Battle -
I laid my Jesus on The Skirmish Line:

I Poured Forth 
The Heart of The Believer
And Mixed In 
Strong Angel from The Divine!
I Then Added 
Jesus for Joy - This Battle was Hopping -
Rabid Tu Hate started Acting Like He Had A Hot Behind!
THEN ...
I added 
With God There Is No Fear
God's Grace Is Sufficient For Me!
When I Added 
Peace Passing All Understanding
Rabid Tu Hate had Left Black Smoke in his Broken Chair!

Happy Jolly and I had a good hug laugh cry!
We were Delirious with Know Ye Real Joy!
Jesus Christ - The Sage of The Ages
Had Represented! And ...
I know Love
I know Peace
I really, really know Jesus ... for Joy!

Dear Ones:

Give no place to Rabid Hate UNLESS ... It is Rabid Hatred of Sin and Satan! Then ... you can let it ALL hang out!!

Hate hates Joy!
Hate hates Hope!
Hate hates Happy!
Hate hates Peace!
Hate Hates Love!
Hate helps Hell!

Inhale: "Love For Jesus!"
Exhale: "Cruel Hate!"
Give Satan a Black Eye -
He's got an Eternal Death Date!