Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Watchers!

Two Beings are Watching Me
Both are taking notes of what they see
One for the Father, He Heavenly
One for The Father of Lies who would destroy Me!

He who would see me destroyed
Takes notes that may be employed
To taunt, tempt, to me lead astray -
Anything that will make me from God fall away.

Satan may taunt, tease, tempt, and terrorize!
He may encourage someone
To feed me a tissue of lies
But, I believe in God's bona fides
And His Spirit in me faithfully resides.

The Angel from God
Guards, guides, and protects, and
Encourages me on The Path where I put my step!
He has been with me since I was a speck
And will be with when this Mortal Coil I reject!

Neither of these Companion can may Force me to walk
Either in Good Pasture
Or through Sinful Chalk!
My Will is My Own!
I can choose My Own Way!
None of these Companions can make me in their preferred way walk!

I have Chosen King Jesus
To My Savior be!
I have Chosen to Walk Right and Holy!
My Heavenly Companion is an Asset to for Me
And he will Protect me from The Thing Unholy!