Saturday, July 18, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END Of THE SABBATH: People! Wake Up! Almighty God Ain't No Fool!

My Almighty God IS Just!

My Almighty God IS Gracious!

Many are The Ways
In which We Weave
Chords - Cords of Music -
To bring us, Humbled, to Our Knees!

We - Bold and Arrogant - think Self Grand and
Behave as though 
God and Human
Pitch Marbles on Hard Sand!

Look at Yourself!
Jaundiced, Petty, Judgmental, Unkind
Living as though You and God
Have a Meeting of The Minds
Where You do The Talking
He Listens - and Obeys
And Gives You Nice Trinkets
To Block Correction from Your Ears!

You Lift Your Head -

You Stiffen Your Spine -
Back Square!

You Hawk up the Phlegm of Cold Heart 
And You Spray
Acid and Bile
Hatred and Strife
As You Stick a Sharp-pointed, Dull Knife into Your Brother and 
Hug Him as He Suffers Horribly ... and Dies!

You Go to The House of Assembling!
You Say All the Right Words!
Your Hands in your Pockets -
The Cat ... at Your Feet ... Purrs
As You Utter Sardine
And Yourself Eat Beefsteak
And Tell all The People
Payday ain't Got No date!

You Lie, Cheat and Steal!
You Maneuver, Meddle and Make
All Sorts of Deals with The Devil -
Your Pretty Sweet Date
Who, with Great Malice
Strokes You, and Fake Smiles
And Thinks Fondly of What She Will Do
To Make you Lie while you Wait to Slowly Die!

You Act like The Idiot!
You Smell of The Goat!
Your Name Must be Judas - You're Wearing 
His Coat 
Of Betrayal
Of Wanton Greed for Small Non-gain!
Take Care You don't Get Tarred Marked 
With his Same Pay 'n Black Paint!

You Walk like The Christian
You Waddle like The Duck
Be Careful
You May End Up 
Like The Chicken that Gets Plucked
Or - Worst Yet - like The Goose
Who Done Get Herself Picked!
Stop Being a Useless Heathen -
Experience got Tricks, and 
Share Licks!

The Time for Repentance
Confession and Rebirth
Is when The Four Winds of Strife
Are being Held Back -
Off The Earth!

Stop Playing with That Kitty!
Kitty has got Sharp Claws -
She does Scratch - and
When She Sinks ALL Her Claws in You
There ain't a Fellow that's Going To Do Jack
To Help You
To Save You
To Comfort You
To Care!
The Good God You've Been Abusing
Sits in Yon Judgment Chair!

God Does Not Play Favorites!
He Does Not Bend Rules!
He has a "Big Stick"
To Belabor The Backs of 
Confident, Educated Fools
Who Think He is Foolish
Who Believe He Can't See
Who Reason His Looking Out for Humans
Is Way Beneath He!

Get a Grip of Your Self
Sit Down on Your Company Chair
Jesus Christ is Returning
Whether or Not You Care or Fear!

God has is Keeping Good Records!
The Angels Keep Watch, hear!
Trust God for Your Cleansing
Or Your End will be
Out There
Amongst The Dogs and Whoremongers
Lovers of The Life
Licentious, Immoral
Or You Die
For Always
Separated from God
You are not The Big Wheel
You are only a Cog! Get New Life!

Confess All Your Evil!
Repent Like You Care!
Seek Salvation like it's Nourishment
It's Free! Take it ... IF You Dare!

You didn't Make Yourself!
Bow to Him - He's Your Master Maker -
And be healed ...
You can't Heal Yourself!

The BuilderMakerCreator 

Who Does Not Have 

Kill Switch




A Fool!

Almighty God Ain't No Fool!