Thursday, July 23, 2015


WHATEVER you plant will ... grow!
You will not know where it will go
But you can be assured - God knows
Be careful what you sow.

I planted me a little - and rare - seed
I watered it - it grew
It picked up speed
And before I knew it
It had grown leaves
And beautiful buds of its own ... with seeds.

The birds of the air
Took up seats in the leaf chairs
They picked on the seeds - it was their caviar
And before I knew it
My grand-seeds were deposited - near and far.

One day, I said a verse!
It was really a curse!
I thought nothing of it!
I'd often repeated it!
It was just words
Said in anger and oft in jest!
I thought nothing of It ... until I heard it used to ... "bless!?"

I uttered a prayer!
A beautiful prayer!
Calling on Jesus
To fix Me and to undo
The damage I caused by my callous mien!
He said to Me:
"Once done, Sin cannot be undone."

I learned a hard lesson on that day!
Oh, how I repented! - I still had to pay!
Forgiveness is sweet!
Remembrance is bitter - sharp knives cut swift and clean and deep!

I sought from then
To carefully sow
Seeds of Gladness
Hope, Love, and to show
All that behold My Garden - how it grows
That good seed can't produce corrupt fruit
No, that does not flow!
Good seed - Good Fruit
Good fruit - Good seed ... and so it goes!

You can't plant Guinea Corn and from it Indian Corn reap!
What goes in comes out!
Do I need to repeat?

Jesus IN! = Jesus OUT!
Satan IN! = Satan OUT!
Garbage IN! = Garbage OUT!

The Problem ... again
The Solution ... again
Know what You Sow!
It Grows!