Thursday, October 29, 2015

EXERCISE: Decisions Must Be Made!

DestinationHeaven or Hell

God's Word Tells
Before The Bell Tolls
Before The Night Falls
Before Heaven and Earth are Recalled
Decisions Must Be Made By One And By All!

Is This You:

Face of An "Angel"
Tongue of A Sailor
Body of A Sinner
Wily as A Snake
Gentle as A Dove
Skittish as A Deer
Determined as The Devil
Cautious as A Canary
Faithful as The Friend
Glad to Be Alive
Studious as The Beehive

Or Are You:

Creepy as a Bat
Giving Tit For Tat
Stealthy as The Cat
Laid Out On A Mat
Stirring Strife In A Vat?

Or Are You:

Happy As A Clam
Having Bread And Jam
Living On The Lam
In A Toyota Van
Oft' Getting A Tan
Just Because You Can?

How Would You
Describe You 
You Experienced Jesus 
Now, As You Are Walking On To Zion?

1. The Sin You Have Overcome
2. The Sin You Will Be Most Thankful To Be Well Rid Of
Then ... Give God Your Praises 
For The Holy Spirit's Working In Your Life! 

Please Use This Exercise As An Honest Inventory!!

We Are All Sinners
There Is Neither Repair Shop
Broken, Messed Up People In Heaven!

All Repairs Must Be Accomplished HERE!!