Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gospel Goes Forth

He spoke The Word of The Gospel
They put him into Bonds
He Stood up for The Gospel
They, in Anger, Spilt his Blood!

Man May Kill Man
Man Cannot Kill God's Word
For, like Water
It Always Finds Its Level!

The Story Goes Like This:

Gospel Worker = Pitcher of Life-Giving Water:

Gospel Worker walks and waters Flowers in Far-flung Fields
Gospel Worker comes to The Town of Dry Gulch
Population: Parched
Sheriff: Dread
Policy: Maintain The Status Quo
Church: What For?!
Brothels: Busy
Truth: Absent
Needs: Many
Wants: Vomit Inducing
Goals: Glorious Gain
Mayor: Mumbles
Doctor: Dribbles
Desire: Growth
Hearts: Hungry
Eyes: Blind
Ears: Itching
Voice: Boisterous
Song: Sad
Sound: Uncertain
Peace: Poor
Hope: Imprisoned
Health: Hostage

Sheriff Dread is Dreadful!
Towns-persons are Terrorized!
Help is Sought!

Gospel-worker goes Door to Door
People are Interested
But Frightened for Sure!

On The Day Appointed
A Gathering was Held
On The Open Way of Assembly:

Come One! Come All!

Come and Be Fed!
Come To Jesus Christ!
Don't By Sin Be Misled!

All The Parched Gathered and
Gospel Worker Started to Speak!

AND ... 

Here and There
A Moist Dot Appeared!

Sheriff Dread, Always Vigilant
Noticed, and, and, well, Screeched!!

Always Able to Read The Weather, and
A Subscriber to Signs of These Times, and
Never one to Like Prayer
Nor that Corrupting Good Influence
Sheriff Dread Broke Through the Gathering
And on Gospel Worker Pounded Away!

When Dread's Work was Finished
Gospel-worker's Life was on The Ground!

Dread said: "Clean Cover up this Mess!
No need for Truth to get around!
We have rid you of a Sure Pest
Get with The Program
Dread knows Best!"

When The Day's Work was Finished
The Open Way was Nigh to Untouched!
Status Quo had been Maintained, but ...
Something IS Growing Underground!

Time Passed ...

Sirens are Screaming!

Sheriff Dread is 
Out Cold  ... Flat On The Ground
For, on The Open Way of Assembly stood
A Forest of Love Like Flowers, and Trees with True Fruit
Laden Down!

The Parched were Grabbing and Eating!
Fruit Juice was Running Down Hands and Cheeks
And Whoever Injested that True Fruit
Became Moist, Tender, Noble and Sweet!

Dry Gulch Is Now Known as Sheep May Safely Graze
Population: Watered
Intention: God's Word Speak
Sheriff: Truth Provided
Mayor: Saving Souls
Doctor: Helps 'n Heals
People: Happy
Needs: Few & Met
Hope: Secure
Health: Sure
Peace: Pure
Voice: Victorious
Song: Glorious
Sound: Certain
Eyes: Salved
Ears: Unstopped
Wants: Nothing to Bother Young Me nor Old You! 


The Dreads of This World Seek to Limit The Spread of The Gospel by Death and Destruction!

The More they Kill and Destroy, The More The Gospel of The Love of Jesus Christ is Spread! 

Many will be Martyred for The Word of The Gospel - and those Deaths will Bear Much Fruit for The Kingdom of God - but only as long as Man's Probation is Open! 

If there is no one to be Saved, there will no longer be a Kingdom Benefit to be Derived from Christians dying so they won't be able to kill us any longer!

Death has no Power over a True Christ Believer! We Will Rise Again!

We have No Need to be Afraid of Those Who Will Kill The Body for they CANNOT Kill Our Souls in Hell!

Man Against Almighty God Is A "No Contest!" so

Fear God
Give Glory to Him
The Hour of His Judgment 
At Hand! 
Rev. 14:7 (in part)