Friday, October 2, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + God Is By My Side!

The Day started out with:

"That's Impossible!"

Then, with Time, I heard:

"Maybe ... but with Great Difficulty!"

By The End of The Period
Loudly was heard:

Task Accomplished!
God Is By My Side!

I sat and Thought for a Moment
Great Cogitations in The Head
If this scenario was not a Metaphor for The Life of Christian True Believers
I don't know What Else could be said!

God sends us out on Missions
Within which is our Reason for Growth
But Nothing will be Accomplished
If we Behave like Common Sloths!

Accept The Mission!
Recognize - of Our Self - that It Definitely Can't be Done!
Get out our Working Shoes!
Start out - Walk Chip Run!

Turn to The Father!
Raise up a Heartfelt Prayer!
Trust The Spirit's Leading!
Get Going!
Move On In With Prayer:

You've Sent Me on this Mission
This surely means that it Can Be Done
But ... I see Great Difficulty ...
I Love You, and I Trust You
You are My Guide and Stay
I'll be the Willing Body
Will You be My Faithful Guide?"

I'm Walking!
I'm Praying!
I'm Trusting!
God is Surely Leading The Way
And ... Before Long
I Get The Message:

You're Done!
Task Accomplished!
Put Today's Ledger Away!

Father, You are My Master!
Father, You are My King!
Father, You are My Music!
Give a Listen, Lord
As I Sing:

The Way - it may be Rocky
The Road - it may be Long
The Spirit fills Me with such Music
That I Break out in Glad Song!

I Sing A Song of Thanks for Your Mercy
For Your Blessing Me on The Way
I Trust in Christ, My Savior
And I'm Walking in The Way He Says!

Thanks, Father, for Your Provision
Thanks, Father, for Answering My Prayers
Thanks for The Road, and The Journey
With You Always Leading
I Shall Arrive Safely Home
At The Closing of Earth's Days!

I Love You, Lord!


No Bells and Whistles Required!
Just Common Faith 
Steadfast Belief in God!