Thursday, October 15, 2015

Holy Is Our Lord!

Hear  Ye!
Hear Ye!
Fear The Lord!
Hear Ye!

You are Distinct - Not Animals

You are Born Dignified!
Don't Trust The Devil!
He Forever is The Father of Lies!

God Gave His Word

Spoken by THE WORD
One With The Father
Trustworthy - THE LORD!

Life and Light

By Living Faith not Blind Sight!
Deny The Devil
Consign him to The Fire of Eternal Night!

We are Saved!

Jesus Christ His Life for Us Gave
So Let's Turn Away from The Past
And Don't be Sin's Trussed-up Slaves!

Peace and Rest are Ours

After Sin is Confessed so
Let's Give Our Backs to The World
And The Spirit Will Help Us Pass The Test!

Holy Is The Lord!

Let's Join The Glad Throng in The Accord
And We Will Get Our Golden Crowns when
We Walk as Those Highly Favored and 
Truly Blessed 
Holy is Our Lord!