Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Judas and John

The Familiar Friends were Believers in Jesus Christ and Worked for The Salvation of Men's Souls. These Friends Trusted both Jesus' Word on The Coming Kingdom, but
there The Similarities Ended:

John was Willing to be Led
Judas wanted to Lead

John Stuck Close to The Bread of Life
Judas Stuck Close to The Money to Buy Bread for Life

John Wholly Leaned on Jesus
Judas wanted Holy Jesus to Lean on him

John Trusted His Creator
Judas wanted His Creator to Trust Him

John held to his Finite Trust in The Infinite God
Judas held to his Finite Trust in his Finite God

John was Generous
Judas was Covetous

Of John, Jesus said: "Woman behold thy Son!"
Of Judas, Jesus said: "It would be better if he had never been born!"

John's Later Life was Embittered yet Sweet with Peace
Judas' Sweet Life Ended Bitter in Pieces

John's Life Testified for Jesus Christ
Judas' Life Testified against Judas:
--  Greed, Guilt, Gluttony, Guile, Graft
Gumption and Grandiose Grapplings for Greatness

John Waited on God for Greatness
Judas' Greatess Weight was Guilt

Historical John is The Revelator
Historical Judas is The Reviled

John and Judas
Walked with Jesus
Both ate His Bread but
The Betrayer Judas caused Jesus to be lead
To The Realm of The Dead

John is The Disciple Beloved
Judas is The Disciple The Devil Loved

Two Disciples
One Lord
Two Disciples
One went with The Fraud
Two Disciples
One gave Glory to The Eternal God
One - trusting in his own Sight -
Has no Place in The Land of No Night!