Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Money Laundering And Soul Cleansing Juxtaposed

Money Laundering 
Soul Cleansing 
Follow the same Three-step Process:

1. Conversion or transfer of the Money/Soul from what it was to what is desirable i.e., Dirty Money to Clean, and Sinful Soul to Saint!

2. Conceal the Money/Soul's History Forever, i.e., through a Planned Process, "wash" the Money/Soul of its stench of Illegality/Sin and, by a process of Movement, Relocation, and Ownership Transfer, Render the Dirty/Sinful Clean/Saved!

3. Acquiring, Possessing and Using Money/Soul knowing full-well that its origin is Unclean!

We Are BORN With The Sinful Nature
We Sin 
In Our Thinking
In Our Speaking
In Our Actions!

Jesus Calls Us!
We Wrestle With The Holy Spirit!
We Finally Yield The Battle and Answer The Call!
We Confess Our Sins!
He Forgives Us and Cleans Us!
He Remakes Us!
We WALK ... By Faith ... In Him 
We Are New Creatures!

We WORK For The Kingdom ... By Faith In Him
Until We Die
He Comes For Us!

NOW ...

We are All Sinners having Sinned against God, and We All Fall Short of His Glory!

In our Fallen State, we Cannot Hope to Approach God's Throne, and Live!

BUT ...

We have an "IN!"

There is a Man a/k/a The Son of Man who has Direct Access to "The Big Man" a/k/a God Almighty, Himself, for He IS The High Priest of Our Profession, and He IS in Heaven ... INTERCEDING!

Word on The Street is that The Son of Man IS The Prince of Peace who IS The Only Begotten Son of God Almighty! 



Word also is that The Prince of Peace IS Creator God a/k/a Prince Immanuel, being interpreted IS "God With US!"

It is also said that Prince Immanuel IS The Lamb of God and IS God Almighty a/k/a The Father's Pet, and it is a Well-known Secret that God Almighty gave Everything in Heaven, on Earth, under The Earth, The Sea and all that is in them into The Hands of The Pet a/k/a Jesus Christ a/k/a Big JC, even though He allowed Big JC to be sacrificed for, get this, "The Sins of The World!!"

Anyway, it seems that to Access the "IN" that the Outliers a/k/a Sinners have to "The Throne of Grace" a/k/a The Heart of God, one has to use The Comforter a/k/a The Holy Spirit!

FYI - the Key Code to The Comforter is found in some ancient book often called a "Dead Letter" but popularly known as "The Holy Bible" by The Christian Crew whose leader, Faith, told Seeking-Soul The Code is actually !!PrAaAyER!!

 !!PrAaAyER!! is Personal! Powerful! and The Petition of The Pleading Heart!

Spread The Word!
Now, in order not to "Get Burned" as a Member of The Goat Group, and to Get a Seat on "The Heaven-Bound Boat Full of Beautiful Believers Bought With Blood," we must follow these next steps Exactly!

1. Show Recognition of Our Lost State

2. Acknowledge That We are Dry-boned Sinners

3. Believe on The Lord a/k/a Big JC a/k/a Jesus Christ for The Saving Of Our Souls

4. Confess Our Sins a/k/a Tell the Truth of Our Sinfulness

5. This IS The Biggie: REPENT a/k/a Turn Away from Sin

6. Walk through The Watery Grave a/k/a Get Baptized

7. Put Our Shoulders to The Plow a/k/a Walk and Work by Faith in Jesus Christ a/k/a The Savior of Mankind a/k/a The Door a/k/a The Way To Life Everlasting!

8. Don't Trust Our Eyesight

9. Move out of The Shadows and Progress According to The Light of Life a/k/a Jesus Christ a/k/a The Word Made Flesh

10. Walk Holy for Jesus Christ IS Holy - Don't Look Behind, and

11. Fear God - With a Godly Fear (He has The Right To Kill Us But Doesn't For He Gives Us The Right To Call Him Lord and Friend When We Turn Away From Sinning)

Soul Cleansing Points and Positions to Ponder
Proffered and Practiced 
Jesus Christ 
The Agency of The Holy Spirit:

  • You Sinned, and I Willingly Took Your Punishment
  • I Gave My Life to Save Your Life
  • I Made a Way of Return To The Father for You
  • I Prepared a Home in My Father's House for You 
  • I Heal You - I Am The Great Physician
  • I Help you - I AM The Good Shepherd 
  • I Desire Your Happiness - Happiness IS of The Lord
  • Come to Me and Be Saved - I Shed My Own Blood for Your Salvation
  • Walk with Me and Be Blessed - You Have An Inheritance with Me
  • I am Your Peace - It Passes All Understanding
  • I am Your Rest - Learn To, and Freely, Lean On Me
  • I am The Master Who Carries Your Load - Take My Yoke Upon You
  • I am Your Maintainer - You Can Do Anything In Me
  • I am Your Provider - I Feed My Flock
  • I am Your Redeemer - I Am He That Was Dead BUT I Am Alive Forever More 
  • Obey My Laws and Know You Will Be Accounted as Strange To The World
  • Walk with Me and You Will Be Hated for My Name's Sake
  • Trust Me and You will be a Target for Satan's Temptations - Hope In God
  • You Will Be Tempted on Appetite, Willingness to Tempt God and Whom To Worship - I Will Be With You Always
  • I am Your Savior - I Paid Your Price
  • I am Your Friend - You Will Not Ever Be Alone
  • I Am Your All and All - I Am In All
  • Come Share My Joy - It Has No Beginning and It Cannot Ever End
  • Your Home in Heaven Awaits - I Say So - Believe Me
  • Immortality Awaits - You Will Be Like As I AM
  • Your New Name Awaits - I Call You Mine
  • Your Gold Crown Awaits - In A Little While You Are Coming Home
  • I Am Waiting ... Let Me Into Your Life - I Will Not Barge In
  • I Am The Light of The World - Let My Light In You Shine to Glorify God
  • My Word IS Truth - I Sanctify You
  • Before You Were .. I AM, so
  • Be Not Afraid for I Desire You to
  • Come Unto Me, and
  • Be Still, and Know that ... I AM YOUR GOD!

Satan IS The Liar!
Let Us To God Retire
For Satan does Not Ever Tire
For he Wants Us with him in Hell's Fire!

So, since We Know What God Can Do
There is No Way that Satan Fool Me and Fool You!

If God Says "Go Right!"
Satan Will Say "That's Not Quite Right!"
And he will Lead us
Into the Blackest Darkest Night
If we don't Let King Jesus
Our Soul Battle Fight!