Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nothing New + Prayer: I Give You Praise!

There is Nothing New under The Sun!
There is a Season for Everything - Even Fun!
God Cannot Change - He's The King of Love
Jesus Shed His Blood for Me - I am His Beloved!

Mercy and Grace
Etched in Jesus' Heart
On His Skin
In His Face
Love for Those Fallen
His Creatures - The Disgraced
Beloved of The Master
To Save from That Eternal Death
He though Sinless 
Mortal Death - and Spiritual Separation from His Father - did Taste!

"What Wondrous Love!" declares My Soul
When on His Cross
In My Sin He Himself Enrobed
Going into The Dark Estate I should have Known
His Act of Compassion
Laid Me - CLEAN - before The Eternal Father's Throne!

** PRAYER **

My Father - God
My Savior - Friend
My Comfort - The Spirit
Until This Journey Ends
I Give You Praise 
My Blessings
My Help
My Healing
Today and Tomorrow
Whenever I Pray!
Until Your Eternity
 I Wondrously Survey 
Until Your Heavenly Home
I Blissfully Share
Prepare My Heart and Uplift
Bind Up My Spirit from Sin to Depart
Help Me Be Obedient
Help Me Be Faithful Always to Pray
Help Me Cling to Your Way-marks
So That I Can't Stumble In The Dark!
I Love You, Dear Lord!