Saturday, October 10, 2015

PRAYER: I Come To You, Lord

Dear Lord,
My Soul is Laid Bare Before You
Nothing can I Hide
Remake, Reform, Renew
Remind Me, Lord
That You are Gracious and Oh, So Divine!

Jesus Bore My Honest Shame - I Escaped Scotch-free
And all that is asked in return 
Accept New Life - It's Bought and Paid for
With The Blood of The Sacrifice - Willingly!

I come to You, Dear Lord, My Father
I come Willingly, and Bold
You said: "Come!"
And, Lord, I Answer:
"I'm Coming In Out of The Cold!"

I'm Yours, Lord!
I Seek Shelter in Your Fold!
I Bless You, Lord!
I Raise You up
I Offer You Praise from Unclean Lips, but
I Seek The Coal!

Send The Angel, Lord
I am Asking Bold:
"Will You Clean Me so My New Praise of to You
Can by Truthfully Told?!"

I Live Your Love!
I Crave Your Life!
Bless Me for I Love You
Please Lead Me Home Through The Strife
And when The Day is Over
Grant Me The Eternal Life!