Thursday, October 1, 2015

Satan Had A Town-Hall Meeting ...! + PRAYER: Grant Us Your Protection

Satan had a Town Hall Meeting
That He wanted Man to Appear at and Hear
That he was not as bad as Stipulated
That it was Superstition that made him out to be a Roaring Lion
Killing men and making people submit to him in Abject Fear!

Satan had invited The Cream of his Crop
Of Witches, Warlocks, Psychiatrists and Ex-exorcist-Priests
Who would Testify in Glowing Tirade
That Satan was a Myth
A Fairy tale, Folk Lore
Bewitched Old Family and Heretical Apostate Churchmen Beliefs!

There were even those in the midst
Dressed as Ram Goat
Wearing 6 6 6 and not giving a hoot
And even someone wearing a Red Suit
With Forked Tongue and
Pitchfork to Boot
And passing out Bags of Lovely Loot!

Book Writers even trotted out their compilations
Showing that tales of Satan were just that: "Tales!"
For according to The Record long maintained
Satan was a Giant Lizard Snake Goat Dragon Hag Steel Donkey Fake!

There was even "Someone" who gave a "Testimony"
Of Satan being a Person Misunderstood
Of Satan being God - not Jesus
Of Satan being Seriously Misrepresented since The Great Flood!

All around the set speakers had their Love Fest
All around the Oppressed looked seriously Shell-shocked
That was until a Soft Quiet Voice loudly Spoke up
And put That Old Satan on The Witness Dock!

"Mr. Satan, please state your Full Name for The Record?
Please state for us your Lineage, if you could would?
Please tell from Whence you are Hailing, and
Please tell, by God's Holy Truth, how you came to be Misunderstood?

Would you tell, if you would, your Thought Process
When you met Eve in The Garden that Fateful Day?
Would you tell Why, if you would, you Corrected Her words
When God Himself said that Death would be Hers
If She His Living Word Disobeyed?

Would you, Mr. Satan, tell us the Truth of 
1 John 5:7-8?
If this is God's Truth - please state same
And if it a Lie - explain how, and by Whose Hand it about came?

Would you, if you would, tell why you Hate Christ Jesus?
Would you, if you would, tell why Human Worship is your Sole Soul Desire?
Would you, if you would, tell why you're Obsessed with
Getting as many Humans as you can to join you in Hell's Fire?

Would you tell, if you would, why you Raised Up Your Self
Above Almighty God, The Creator of One and All?
Would you, if you would, please Bear Record, of The Truth
The Real Truth, of  Noah's Time, and The Cause of The Great Flood?

Would you, if you would, Speak to Your Obsession
With The Rainbow and The Covenant to Man of Almighty God?
Would you state The Facts, Not Opinions, Not Hacks
Of why you Edit God's Words To Give Your Lies a "Viable" Truth?

Would you, if you would, please tell - in Truth's Words - of The Cost of
Your Rebellion Against God
And The True Impact it has had on Humanity?
Would you, if you would, tell Completely
Why you Lie, Daily Lie, to Deceive All Humanity 
With Tripe, Trifles, Strife and Desperate Inanities?

Would you, if you would, use the words of This King James Holy Bible
To Prove that Everything you are about to Say is God's Own Truth?
Would you, if you would, Show Your True Self and
Not Dressed up in Light and Shining with "Truth" so Mesmerizingly Bright?

Would you, if you would, tell The Seeking-After-God People
Why you have Engineered to make them Believe that you are God Good, and
Why you have Set up your Demonic Hoard of Disciples
To make people Believe that Jesus Christ himself Usurped Your God-Person-hood?

Mr. Satan, you say that your Vaunted Reputation is all a Fiction
A Fabrication, A Lie
Made-Up, Fable, Myth and
Just a Writer's License to Get Sales!
If this is Truly your Position, please Explain then Your Creator's Word against you in
Isaiah 14;12-15, Ezekiel 28:14-17, 1 Peter 5:8, and Revelation 12:7-12?

In The Name of Jesus Christ
Declare to these People that You and Your Reputation are a Lie!
If not, then in Jesus' Holy Name tell them God's Own Truth
That you, Sir, are The Liar, The Fraud
The Wannabe Holy God
Who Hates them with Perfect Hatred
Because they are Loved by The Holy Lord
The True and Living Eternal Creator - Yours and Mine - God!"

The Place was in Total Uproar!
Satan Couldn't Contain Himself anymore and
His Disguise Erupted and Tore and Tore
And, with Crass Imprecations
For the Bedevilment of Man
He Fled through the closed up middle side open door!

After the Clamor Died Down
And all but the Questioner had sat down
Another stood up and made a Statement
Asking all to look to Jesus and take care for
He said,  for this Work here today
Satan will try to make us Pay
But, Trust and Bless God, and by God's Grace 
We will have Nothing from Satan to fear!

"Be Sober
Be Vi-gi-lant
The Devil is a Straight Up Scamp
Who has Nothing Better To Do
But your Faith to Lay Waste!
Pray, and Prepare!
Satan has his Snares, but
If you Trust God's Word
You have a Sword
With which you can 
That Wicked Old Satan Away scare!"

With Satan Vanquished ... for a Time
The Meeting Closed 
The Almighty God
The Matchless Name of Jesus Christ
The Agency Of The Holy Spirit!


Heavenly Father, we cannot by Eye see You
But, in Faith, we Love and Trust You!
We Believe Your Word!
We Bless Your Sacrifice and
We Know that Satan
Will To Us Never Act Right Nor Play Nice!
Grant Us Your Protection We Humbly Pray
Guide Us Faithfully on Our Way, and
Bless us with Your Blessing, Lord, for
We Love You Now and
Forever, and Always!