Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Sirens' Call + Prayer: Forgive, Lord, Our Sin

I spent the day laid up
And all that I could hear
Was siren after siren
Screaming, screaming as they passed my way!

The Noise  - it was Incessant
It got under your skin
I almost wished it would stop
But ... I started to look in:

These sirens told The Story
Of what Mankind had Lost
It also told The Message of
What Sin itself had us Cost!

Had we Listened to Our Maker
Had we not Failed The Test
We would not now be Suffering the Results of Death 
By Sin's Request!

Oh, Lord, You know we are Feeble
Nothing but dust and air
Please have on us Your Mercy
For there is much for us to Fear!

We cannot Heal our Bodies!
We cannot Heal our Hearts!
We cannot Fix The Cost of Sin -
Lord, we'd be shooting black ducks in the dark!

Forgive us, oh Lord, our Trespasses!
Forgive us today our Debts!
Heal us today of our Failings and
Let help us to not have Vain Regrets!

You are our Heavenly Father
Jesus Christ is Our Savior and Coming King, and
The Holy Spirit is ever Our Comforter
So, in pity, please Draw us
Closer, ever Closer
Forgive, Lord, our Sin
Guide us Home, at The Trumpet
That Blessed, Heavenly, Reward!