Monday, October 19, 2015

The Ultimatum

ToBe SaVed is Ever Always Surrounded
By Sinners
Sinning and
Sin, and
His Brethren
NeeDing SaVing
MayBe SaVed
HowToBe SaVed and 
BeYe SaVed
Have been His Heart

He Knows John 3 and Verse 16
He Knows 1 John 1 and Verse 9
He Knows he wants to be Christian
But Sin - and Sinning - is Brightening his Searching Seeking Eyes!

Sinning to ToBe SaVed Seems So Exciting!
Do Whatever Whenever However you Want!
The Thrills often Heard 
Excite More Than God's Word
And ToBe SaVed is Iffy, Itching to Join Follow-Fashion's Herd!

Follow-Fashion is The Great Deceiver!
Truth to him is Not About Eternal Life!
LIFE to him is about Fun, Fads, Falls, Foolishness and Feelings
Especially when Delivered by The Cruel-Friend Knife!

One Day, LIFE Itself gave ToBe SaVed The Ultimatum:

"Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve!"

Poor SaVed ToBe, was in a Pickle ... a Quandary
For Follow-Fashion was Great Fun and Fabulosity!

ToBe SaVed Sat Down
Weighed The Pros and
Weighed The Cons
And Asked The Great Question of His Own Soul:

"When The Fun is All Done, Where Will I Rest When I Lie Down?"

And His Spirit gave Him This Simple Dressing Down:

"Life Without Christ is a Satanic Device
To Draw You Away from Your Soul's Savior
That Life is Full of Thrills and Spills
Hangovers and Chills
And Friends that Last as Long as Your Last Dollar Bill!

With Jesus Christ as Your True Companion
Your Life will be Hard is Many Ways
You Will be Hated and Cursed
You Will Bruises Nurse
But Your Ride in The Hearst
Will Not Be The Curse!

Jesus Christ Saves!
He Died for You!
Don't be a Sin Slave!
Pick up His Light Burden and Walk
Sedately ... He is By Your Side
The Spirit of His Comfort Will Be Inside
And ...
At The Last ...
Just Like Jesus ...
You Will Be Raise From The Dead ... GLORIFIED!"

ToBe SaVed is today I-Am SaVed!
He Knows When he Dies
Angels will Mark his Cold Grave
And he Walks and Talks 
As The True Christian Should
His Walk and His Talk Match
He does not Talk as Spilled Gas
And Walk as Lit Match
But he Blesses
And Teaches
And The Seeking Soul
He Prays for and Edifies!

Play Now - Sacrifice Later!
Sacrifice Now - Play Later!


Heaven Now - Hell Later!
Hell Now - Heaven Later!


Hard Life Now - Bliss Later!
Bliss Now - No Life Later!


However YOU Want It
YOU Are Going To Bear A Cross!