Saturday, October 3, 2015


Lord, we don't have an excuse for Committing Sin for
You said You wrote Your Law in our hearts!
Problem is that with every Unbeliever
Faith in Your Word has no part!

Picking and choosing which Laws to follow
Are have been a favorite unacknowledged past time
(That is Until today!)
And now that Knowledge is exposed here
I now really have something to hold in Godly Fear!

I can no longer hide behind Lack of Knowing!
I can no longer hide behind I Don't Know The Way!
I can no longer Pretend Blind Indifference
For I have Received Glasses - A brand new pair!

Faith Comes by Hearing The Word of The Lord!
The Word has Life for me
For I believe it, you see - So there is Gain!
There is True Benefit to me!

Since I want to Lose Sin
And I want to Claim Jesus Christ as King
A Faithful Hearer is what I will be
And this is what I shall sing: 

Sung to the Tune of  There's Power In The Blood:

I am Free of the Guilt
That heavy Bore me down!
Jesus shed His Blood!
Jesus shed His Blood!
I took The Cleansing!
Lord Jesus Clean-washed, Saved, Redeemed Me!
There is Soul-cleansing Power in Jesus' Blood!

I Feel The Power!
The Cleansing Power!
The Holy Ghost At Work Power
In The Blood of Jesus Christ!
Feel The Power, Power
Power, Power
The Holy Ghost At Work Power
In Jesus' Blood that He shed
To Save Sinners just like you and me!