Saturday, October 24, 2015


Man Proposes
God Disposes

Man Appoints
God Disappoints

Man makes Plans
God makes Decisions

God Giveth
God Taketh

God Blesses
God Curses

In All Things Pertaining to Man
God's Will will Be Done!

Who can ask God: "What are You doing?"
Who can ask God: "Why are You distressing?"
What will it do?
What will it change?

If we remember that all things were made by Him, and that 
All things were made for His Pleasure, and that 
All things survive BECAUSE of Him
We will see things that happen in our lives differently!

1. We are NOT our own!

If we believe in The Sovereign Will of 
The Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient God, and 
If we believe that He wills us to do of His Good Pleasure, and 
If we have subjugated our Personal Will to 
The Leading of Our Loving Lord
We are able, with conviction, to say:

Let us yield our Will and Way to The Loving Ministrations of The Master KNOWING FULL WELL that it is NOT About Temporal Prosperity i.e. Physical Earthly Prosperity, but about The Everlasting Prosperity of The Soul.

If we would but Understand and Accept this Truth, there is no God on Earth that will be able to Shake either us or The Foundation of Our Faith in The True and Living Only God!

Believe in Jesus Christ!
Trust in God!
Walk by Faith!
Live by The Heavenly Light
God's Holy Angels
Protect through The Dark Night!
The Holy Spirit Comforts
No matter how hard or long The Fight!
At the End of It All
We will Behold Jesus Christ
With Living Eyesight!

The Lord Is Our Light AND Our Salvation!