Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WHAT DO YOU SAY? - From Thoughts To Destiny


I Think Therefore I Am!

I Wonder If The Learned Ones Even Understood/Understand What It Was/Is That They Were/Are saying!

If The Statement Was/Is Understood, Did/Do They Perceive The Gravity of The Indictment?

Did/Do They Care?

Is Not "I AM" The God of Heaven?

The Arch Deceiver Is Mixed Up In All Of This For Sure!!


QUESTION: What Is It - According To Popular Psychology - That I Am?

My Words Speak To Who I Think I Am!
My Actions Show Who I Am!
My Habits Make Me What I Am!
My Character Broadcasts The Truth of What I Truly Am!

AND ...

My Destiny Is
Where My Character
Formed By My Habits
Occasioned by My Actions
Actuated by My Words
Inspired by My Thoughts
Led Me!

Since It Is Believed that ...
Our Lives Are What Our Thoughts Make Us

It Must Be Surmised, Therefore
That We Live Where We Think What We Are
Our Words are Where Our Thoughts Fake Us
Our Habits are Where Our Actions Betray Us
Our Destination is Where Our Character Drapes Us!


Where Is God?

Do We Need God?

What Purpose Does God Serve In Your Life?

What Do You Say To These Things?