Thursday, October 8, 2015

WHAT DO YOU SAY OF THESE THINGS? - Worship Experience and Gospel Explosion?!!

The Billboard Read:

Come to Church 
for a 
Worship Experience!

There Will be 

Gospel Explosion!

My Mouth Just Simply Dropped Open!
My Heart did a Flip Flop!
And I said to My Self: 
"Lord Almighty, I Sincerely Hope Not!"

I had Always Believed that I went to Church to be Healed!
I Obviously did not Understand that it was a place to have my Senses 
Tickled and Teased!
They spoke of all The Feelings that would be Experienced on my Skin
But I, what I really Need is to Feel Jesus Christ Within!

What's Wrong With Christianity Today?


The Church Building is a Production Facility!
The Sanctuary is The Sound Stage!
The Preacher - as Entertainer - is The Star of The Show!
Opening Acts of "Worship" Dancers and "Anointed" Singers Set The Mood!
The Congregants are The Paying Public!
Tithes and Offering are Box Office Takings, and
Almighty God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit are Popular Freaks in The Side Show!

Jesus said: "I Am come to seek and to save that which was lost ...!"
Preachertainer says: "Lost! You haven't got any reason be lost! You do love Jesus, don't you?! Then ... You Can't Be Lost!"

Jesus said: "Repent!"
Preachertainer says: No need to "repent" like those Sinners in the World!" God made you that way! You are just being who God made you to be! You are not hurting anybody! Plant a Seed, and just move along - it will all work out at the end!"

Jesus said: "Confess your sin. I am Faithful and I will forgive you!"
Preachertainer says: "Sin is just ... well ... subjectively objectively subjective! (You know he is a liar! ... And he is calling God a liar in double-speak!) To Sin is to be Human! God knows you love Him! God knows you, and He loves you no matter what you do! He sees you and He knows your weaknesses, so it's all good! Just keep praying and repenting, and paying your pledges, and it will all work out!"

N.B.: If something is Objective it is Fact! - Almighty God calls Sin by its True Name!
         If something is Subjective is is Opinion! - Our Reclassifying Sin Doesn't Change God's Designation!

Based on the foregoing, can we say that The Popular Pastors, Priests, Teachers and Prophets of today, are au fait with The Oracles (Word) of God?

Can we say that The Popular Pastors, Priests, Teachers and Prophets of today understand that The Oracles (Words) of God are alive and are not to be interpreted according to Man's own choosing?

Can we say that these Men and Women of The Cloth are True Shepherds, sincerely seeking after the Salvation of Men's Souls, and that they are teaching and preaching the Undiluted, Unadulterated, Unvarnished, Unbiased Word of The True and Living God?

When Jesus Christ was upon Earth, never once was it told anyone to come and EXPERIENCE God!

Never once in The Holy Scriptures are we told to come see The Gospel a/k/a The Good News EXPLODE!

If this is all true, why is it that this Laodicean (Luke-warm) Church  that Jesus Christ, Himself, PROMISES to spit out of His Mouth, deem it totally relevant, and a prescription, that this Church - totally offensive to God - make itself and it's works seem Rich, needing nothing from God, when it is abysmally poor in Spirit, with its shame nakedly exposed, and its nakedness shamefully laid bare, and is blinded by the accoutrements of corporeal complicity, and waxing fat, and gross on gain-saying gold!?

If we are truthful, we will see that this Church Age is pontifically pitiful, and positively putrid in its preaching for profit and praise!

Jump  Up and Wave
Experience Spirits and Riches Crave
Plants Seeds and Get Paid
Is Not ... Christ's Christianity!


  1. Who is God?
  2. Who is your God?
  3. Who made your God?
  4. What is your God made of?
  5. When did you acquire your God?
  6. Where is your God's home?
  7. Why do you prefer your God to Almighty God?
  8. How well is your God serving you?
  9. If your God and Almighty God had a creative contest, which God would be The Creator?
  10. Can your God on its own merits, and under its own self-incarnation Stop Time, Start Life, Light Light, Halt Hell, Save Souls from Sin, Heal Hearts of Hurt, and Love Loose-mouth, Lazy, Licentious, Layabouts like us who add nothing to his bottom line?
  11. If your God is God, can you ask him to show you your Life After Time, and in Panorama, and in True and Living Color, and making it of his Personal Eternal Design?
  12. Did your God die for you?
  13. Did your God rise from the dead for you?
  14. Is your God living so that you, too, may live eternally?
  15. Does your God love you?
  16. Do your God comfort you?
  17. Does your God care for you?
  18. Does your God inspire Godly Fear or Abject Fear?
  19. Is your God fact or fiction!
  20. Is your God able to utter Earth's Assured Final Benediction?

Answer the questions honestly!

If your God is The God of All Grace
If your God doesn't need a mirror to see his face
If your God is in every time, and at every place
Give him The Glory!

If your God provides food for you
A place to live
Even clothes and shoes
If your God has Holy Angels, and fire chariots too
Give Him The Glory!

If your God is The King of Kings
To whom Holy Angels Eternally sing
If your God is God over everything
If your God routed Satan
And killed Death's Sting
Give Almighty God His Glory!!




Run Away From Prosperity Gospel!
Run Away From Feel-Good Theology!
Every Other Spirit Is Embraced


Jesus Christ
The God of All Grace
The Lord of Light
The Pastor of Our Perfection
The God Who Guides
The Lamb Who is Lion
Our Peace and Our Protection
Our Shepherd and Our Savior
Our Righteous Redeemer
Our Healer and Our Helper
Our Friend and Our Father
Our Beginning and ... Our End!

Until ...
The Day Dawns
He Says To You:

"My Child, Welcome Home!"


Hallelujah To The Lamb!