Monday, May 16, 2016

Exclusive Inclusivity!

The Sinner Is Welcomed But His Sin Is Not!
Our Faith Is Welcomed But Our Doubt Is Not!
The Truth Is Welcomed But Falsity Is Not
The Love Of God Is Enlightening Enlivening
Saves Confessed Sinners
From The Sin Blot!

The Hopeless
The Helpless
The Valueless
The Worn
The Pitiful
The Peaceable
The Meek And Mild
Are Children
Of The Dear Master
The Inoffensive One
Who Made The Complete Payment
To Totally Redeem Everybody
Who Trusts 
In His Merits
To Avoid Paying
Satan And Sin's  Fees!

Inclusivity Is Exclusively Inclusive!
Exclusivity Is Inclusively Exclusive!
This Is Not A Play To Break The Hinge Of Your Tongue
But A Way To Show You
How God Moves Around!

The Sinner Is Loved!
The Act of Sinning Is Hated!
The Vile Sin Is Despised!
The Repentant Sinner Is Elevated!

Living For Self Is A Baleful Act!
Living For God Shows
That At Sin We Are Not Looking Back
No Matter The Manner
Of Satan's Vile Attacks!

Trusting The Word Of The Holy One
Shows Faith Which Garners Favor!
Trusting The Words Of The Money Philosophers
Is The Act Of A Wanderer
Who Loves Tickles
The Savor Of Curried Favors!

Just Because
"They" Have A Giant Band
And Their Cause Is Fittingly Grand
Does Not Mean They Are Walking On The Glorious Strand
Celebration Pomp And Circumstance
Do Not Lead To Glory Land!

Beware The "Truth" Preacher
Who Is Richer Than God
To Be Sure
He Is Not Working For The Lord!

Beware Of The Teacher
Whose Words Do Not Substantiate
The Word Of The Word
Of How A Sinner
Gains Entrance Through
The Pearly Gates!

Beware The Short Cut
Supposedly Leading To Life!
Beware The Word Of The Winsome Champion
Who Says Christians Shall See No Strife!

The Living Word Of The Master
The Shepherd Of The Flock 
Without Fear Of Contradiction Says:

"Love Me! 
Share My Earthly Lot!"

The Love Of God Is Sublime
The Difference Between
Grape Juice